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News - 05.04.19

Across the world, 75 cities will celebrate Malbec World Day in honor of the flagship grape of Argentina.

On April 17, Argentine Malbec will once again bring together the capitals of the world in a global celebration with 89 events, across 75 cities in 44 countries.

Wines of Argentina (WofA), the entity responsible for the promotion of Vino Argentino at a global level, formally kicked off the celebrations for the 9th edition of Malbec World Day last night with an exclusive launch event in Buenos Aires for national press guests, influencers and representatives of the sector. Malbec World Day is an initiative created by WofA that has the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade and the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR) and is part of the Viticultural Strategic Plan Argentina 2020.

With 43,000 hectares planted, Malbec is currently the most cultivated variety in Argentina and the one that most widely represents the local palate. Production of Malbec is growing day by day and it leads volume, quality and exports: in 2018, Malbec exports represented 29% of the total amount exported in litres and 49% of the total invoiced. There is no doubt that Argentina is synonymous with Malbec, with the country having achieved a direct association with this varietal which, in turn, has blessed the wine industry with a strong character over the last twenty years.

Under the concept Elegance doesn’t need perfection, this new edition reflects the search for balance, to obtain Malbecs with unique textures, perceptible freshness and an aromatic variety that provides incomparable complexity. Winemakers are no longer looking to make perfect wines, but instead to express the terroir and the particular characteristics of each area. This is how the true identity of the wine is revealed and where its elegance lies. An elegant wine is defined by its refined quality, its noble features and its marked balance; one that transmits a wide range of suggestive sensations in the nose and mouth.

The identification of micro-regions, the study of soils, the search for identity and all the technology in winemaking has allowed Malbec to show what it’s capable of giving. "Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to remove" (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) and, in this sense, Malbec, far from being perfect, still has much more to offer.


Malbec World Day, first held on April 17, 2011, has emerged as a global initiative to position Argentine Malbec abroad and celebrate its international success. As in every edition, throughout the month, Wines of Argentina has planned a varied agenda of activities in the main focus markets, added to events organised by our Argentine representations abroad and independent initiatives.


The United States is the main market for Argentine Malbec, with 38% of total exports (in monetary value USD FOB).

On April 11, the Argentine Embassy in Washington D.C. will add to the celebrations with a walk around tasting for the trade (importers, distributors and retailers) and consumers invited especially from the Tri-state area, including Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.

On April 13, in New Jersey, Malbec tastings will be held, accompanied by an empanada food truck.

On the 15, in New York, tastings of different expressions and styles of Malbec will be on offer, along with Argentine tango and cuisine.

On July 17, in Chicago, private seminars will be given by Master Sommeliers and a thematic tasting will be offered to consumers of 30 different Malbecs. Social networks will be in on the celebrations through a Wine Chat, on April 17. Recognised bloggers from different parts of the country will meet virtually on Twitter to exchange their impressions on a series of Malbecs, under the coordination of Master of Wine, Christy Canterbury. The conversation can be followed with the hashtag #MalbecArgentino.


The United Kingdom is the second most important destination for Malbec with 15% of total exports in terms of monetary value. In collaboration with the Argentine Embassy, on April 25th, a masterclass will be held with a tasting focused on regionalisation, terroir and altitude, aimed at importers and specialised press within the sector. It will be held at the Argentine Residence in London.

On April 15, in Dublin, the 9th wine fair will be held together with the Argentine representation there and Jean Smullen. Copenhagen will also join in the festivities, through a tasting by Phil Crozier, Brand Ambassador of WofA, at the Official Residence on May 9.

In Asia, China will concentrate tributes to #MalbecArgentino with events in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, on April 15, 17 and 19 respectively, seeking to generate great coverage at a national level. The activities include a masterclass and tastings by renowned educators and opinion leaders from China, with the aim of deepening knowledge about the flagship grape of Argentina.

In Japan, the events will be held in the cities of Tokyo and Osaka. The Argentine Embassy is organizing the celebrations with the collaboration of the President of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI), Andrés Rosberg, who will lead two master classes dedicated exclusively to top Japanese sommeliers, introducing premium wines that will set foot for the first time in the Japanese market. A tasting will also be held on April 17th with the most recognized local importers at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Osaka, followed by an Argentine themed dinner for 100 people.


Canada represents 8% of Malbec's exports in terms of economic value. Activities here will have a strong educational component. In the framework of the strategic partnership with the International Wine Education Guild (IWEG), on April 16, Christopher Waters, Dip. WSET, will give a tasting masterclass for 30 students on the WSET diploma.

On 8 and 9 April, the Insitut de Tourisme et d'Hotellerie du Québec (ITHQ) in Montreal, will add an exam at the end of the seminar and a blind tasting in which the finalists must recognise Argentine Malbec from Malbecs from other countries. The winner will receive a trip to Argentina as a prize.

On April 14, the top five sommeliers in Ontario will compete in the final of the "Best Sommelier of Ontario (BOSC)", organised by the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS). The event will showcase various Malbecs from our country. The finalists will also receive an educational trip through Argentina by WofA.

Regarding activities with monopolies, from March 29 to April 2, thematic promotions were organised online with the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), with an expected reach of 500,000 consumers. It also involved graphics of Argentine labels in the windows of key stores. In the case of the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) the promotions will take place in 60 British Columbia stores throughout the month of April. Tastings are also planned for consumers in private retailers in British Columbia.


In Brazil, the focus will be on the off-trade, with promotions throughout the month in large stores in São Paulo (such as Adega Pão de Açucar and 5 stores of Rede Oba Hortifruti), with attractive interventions and communication pieces on Malbec, Also, tastings of different Argentine Malbecs, workshops for sommeliers and important events for clients and influencers will be offered.

In Peru, 5 stores in Almendariz, 6 in El Pozito and La Mancha wine store will offer their clients promotions in the purchase of wines from the participating wineries, obtaining a discount on their ticket to be part of the "Gran Fiesta del Malbec", event that will offer tastings, cocktails and live music at the Lima Country Club on Tuesday, April 16.

WofA will add to the activities in Mexico in 15 restaurants of the Anderson's Group (Mate, Porfirio's and Harry's) and Fonda Argentina in Mexico City with a list of 20 Malbecs per restaurant (per bottle and per glass), as well as pairing dinners for clients, the press and local influencers.

In Colombia, the Argentine Embassy in Bogota will host a cocktail party and thematic tasting of high altitude Malbecs and regions of 12 participating wineries for trade representatives, press, sommeliers and industry leaders.

Throughout the month of April, the celebrations for Malbec World Day will multiply and our emblematic grape will once again be at the center of the world stage. The activities will be recorded on the website and the celebrations can be followed on social networks with the hashtag #MalbecArgentino.