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News - 17.05.18

Educate to influence: Wines of Argentina strengthens its mission of promoting Argentine wine in the world.

The institution has extended its partnership programs with international organisations and opinion makers to enhance the global image of Argentine wine.

Under the concept of "Argentina Breaking New Ground", Wines of Argentina has developed a new campaign to enhance the perception of Argentina as a modern country in terms of wine, in order to attract the attention of the press and key influencers. The ultimate goal is to increase distribution and sales of Argentine wine, putting focus on the premiumization of the category and demonstrating the great diversity and excellent quality / price ratio of Argentine wines.

The commitment to constant education and structured work with global influencers are two of the key components to its implementation. Within this new strategy, Wines of Argentina has decided to convert the Argentina Wine Awards (AWA) into activities that increase the impact of KOL’s which visit Argentina for them to then become "ambassadors" of Argentine wine. Therefore, starting this year, the redirection of resources is aimed at strengthening partnership programs with international organisations.

"WofA's new strategy is in line with the transformations that the Argentine wine industry is undergoing and with global trends. The objective is challenging, focusing on collaboration agreements and education as a means of influencing and reaching new audiences. We will continue to develop activitiesfor our country to acquire a more central role and for Argentine wine to go further", said Alberto Arizu, president of Wines of Argentina.

The first milestone of this new approach was marked by a Masters of Wine visit, through a partnership with the Masters of Wine Institute. Added to this are collaboration agreements with the Court of Master Sommeliers and the international Sommelier community under the ASI  and GuildSomm  of the United States.

During the next three years, WofA will be one of the key partners of the International Association of Sommeliers (ASI), an institution that brings together sommelier organisations from each country. As a starting point for this support, WofA and a group of Argentine wineries will be participating in the Best Sommelier of the America's 2018 contest that will be held in Montreal, Canada from May 21 to 24. Among the activities will be a trip to Argentina for the winner of the contest, sponsorship of one of the lunches and a Masterclass on the diversity of Argentina by Matías Prezioso, president of the Asociación Argentina de Sommeliers.

The importance of ASI lies in awarding prizes to the best sommelier of each continent and the world, coordinating activities aimed at the development of the profession and educating consumers. Its president, Andrés Rosberg, who became the first Argentine and Latin American to hold this position, said “these events are an ideal time to connect with others in this profession and understand how the role of the sommelier is growing and having greater influence both regionally and globally. Argentina has awakened a global interest that reintroduces the country onto the international scene, so it is a great opportunity to publicise and position the quality of this Argentine product.

On June 15, WofA, the Institute of Masters of Wine, a group of wineries and specialised journalist Joaquín Hidalgo, will give a seminar and host one of the three exclusive lunches in Logroño, Spain as part of the Symposium of Masters of Wine.

This meeting takes place every four years in different parts of the world and brings together the 370 Masters of Wine, international press and representatives of the wine industry worldwide. It will be the first time that Argentina has been invited to participate in such a prestigious meeting.

Argentine wine is currently redefining its paradigms. Through the systematised study of terroirs, local producers have transformed themselves into PIONEERS OF A NEW GENERATION by promoting a process of regionalisation that unites exceptional terroirs with classic and native varietals, combining traditional practices with cutting-edge technology. All this reflects the constant evolution of the industry.

In addition, the emergence of new viticultural zones is challenging the limits of production and offers totally distinctive styles. From the Atlantic Coast in the east, across the windy plains of Patagonia and the aridness of Cuyo, to the vineyards of the north at more than 3,000 meters above sea level, Argentine wines offer an endless range of styles for all palates.