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News - 17.04.18

The world celebrates Malbec World Day in honor of the flagship grape of Argentina

This April 17th, 115 events, across 100 cities in 60 countries will join in a global celebration for Argentine Malbec.

Today the whole world is preparing to celebrate the 8th edition of Malbec World Day, an initiative created by Wines of Argentina, which has the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Argentine Agency of Investments and International Trade, the Provincial Governments and the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR), and is part of the Strategic Viticultural Plan, Argentina 2020. 

This edition, with the the concept of "You know me and you don’t", offers other aspects to discover about this variety whose full potential is yet to be discovered. New York, London, Hong Kong, Prague, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo are some of the 100 cities that will pay homage to Argentine Malbec in a celebration that transcends borders and celebrates the success of the national wine industry. 

Malbec is not only the flagship strain of Argentina, but it has also become synonymous with the country, its ambassador in the world and the one that has given a strong character to the Argentine wine industry during the last twenty years. Malbec represents 18% of Argentina's total wine production (40,400.9ha), 35% of red varieties and , added to that, 56% of the total wine exported by Argentina corresponds to Malbec. In this way, Malbec World Day emerges as a global initiative to position Argentine Malbec abroad and celebrate its international success. 

The United States is its main market, with 32.47% of total exports in monetary value and 38% in terms of volume. For this date, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Texas, Nashville and other cities will pay tribute to the variety with tastings, exhibitions, wine and gastronomical festivals and educational activities with sommeliers. 

Canada, represents 8.9% of Malbec exports in terms of economic value and will host festivities in Quebec, British Columbia, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver with educational seminars and tastings. About 20 events - between official celebrations and independent initiatives - will take place in North America throughout the month of April.

The United Kingdom is the second most important country with 12.64% of total exports in terms of monetary value and 16% in terms of volume. This and other European countries will hold 23 celebrations in cities such as London, Prague, Moscow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Copenhagen, where fairs, promotional activities, parties, pairing dinners, and seminars with industry leaders, are just some of the events going on.

Across Latin America there will be 43 celebrations in places such as Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Lima, San Pablo, Mexico City, Cartagena and Asunción. Contests, weekend wine fairs, seminars, dinners and premium tastings will be some of the main attractions.

Last but not least, 17 events will be organised on the Asian continent, including educational activities, promotions, festivals and wine fairs in China, Japan, Thailand, in cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shenzhen, among others.

Africa will be adding to the tributes with 7 events and Oceania with 9, based in Australia and New Zealand.

In the last decade Argentine viticulture has turned its gaze to the terroir to understand its influence on wines, and in this ambitious challenge, once again, Malbec is the key: it has become a tool for understanding each terroir and interpreting the differences.

A classic varietal, widely recognised and far from remaining unchanged over time, it is constantly being reinvented by a restless generation of agronomists and winemakers willing to take Malbec beyond the limits of the imagination.

Malbec World Day, whose first edition was held on April 17th, 2011, has positioned itself as an historic event in the global promotion of wine and now also in Argentina.