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News - 13.04.18

Alberto Arizu renews his mandate as president of Wines of Argentina

He will continue in the post for the next two years. In addition, Phil Crozier is the new Brand Ambassador for the United Kingdom and Europe.

At the General Assembly held on April 11, Alberto Arizu was re-elected as president of Wines of Argentina, the institution responsible for promoting the brand “Vino Argentino" in the world. This is his fourth period as president of the institution, after having held the post previously in 2010, 2013 and 2016. 

This support from the sector for Arizu reaffirms its strong commitment to the Argentine wine industry and represents a challenge to continue working actively to contribute to the expansion of the Argentine category in the world.

Alberto Arizu affirmed that "WofA is synonymous with the commitment that unites all the entrepreneurs of the Argentine vitiviniculture that make up this organisation, working hard to ensure so that our wine is enjoyed in more and more places. Today we have renewed the authorities once again and I appreciate the confidence in the re-election of my mandate”.

Arizu graduated in Business Administration from the National University of Cuyo, with a Postgraduate in Strategic Marketing (United States International University of San Diego) and a Management Development Program (IAE, Universidad Austral). In addition, he is the Commercial Director of the Arizu Family Winery, Luigi Bosca. He has carried out various activities to promote Argentine wine in international markets; an example of this is the momentum given to the Malbec World Day initiative, a tribute to the Argentine flagship strain that takes place around the world every April 17.

News from United Kingdom

Phil Crozier has been given the position of promoting Argentine wine in the United Kingdom and Europe. As Brand Ambassador, exclusive of the institution for these markets, Crozier will be responsible for guiding the strategy and managing activities to raise the positive perception of Argentine wines. In addition, it will place special emphasis on the on-trade, opinion leaders and consumers. The rest of the institutional structure will remain unchanged, keeping the logistics responsible for the events in that market.

Crozier, born and raised in England, is the director of wines at Gaucho, a prestigious English chain of grill restaurants that, thanks to his outstanding work, has become a true sales phenomenon for our flagship product. His deep knowledge of the terroirs and microclimates of Argentina, as well as his influence in the trade and community of the international sommellerie, contributes to the continual promotion and positioning of Argentine wine in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The United Kingdom represents an important market for Argentine wines; In the last 4 years (2013-2017) there was an annual growth of exports of more than 77% and it is an expanding market. According to a Nielsen study, in the last year the off-trade sales of Argentine wines grew by 19%.

Phil Crozier was especially recommended by Andrew Maidment, who has been at the forefront of WofA's efforts in Europe and Asia for the past 10 years with successful results. It has been a huge privilege to have worked at Wines of Argentina for so long and during such a successful period for the country. There has been a seismic shift in the global popularity Argentine wine industry during this time, and today Argentina is undoubtedly one of most exciting wine producing nations in the world. On both a personal and professional level it has been a pleasure to have worked on innovative projects with so many outstanding people - and I want to thank everyone for making me part of the Argentine wine family”, Maidment said, in relation to his work for the institution.