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News - 13.11.17


As part of Single's Day in China, an initiative was presented by Alibaba with the aim of boosting Argentine wine and providing opportunities for already established wineries and new producers.

Wines of Argentina, the entity responsible for the global promotion of Argentine wine, together with the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade and the Ministry of Agribusiness presented the "Official Argentine Wine Store". The new platform on Alibaba, the most important online electronics site in China, which began spreading the word about Argentine wine on November 11 for Single's Day (the largest online shopping day in the world).

Led by one of China's most recognized online trade operators, Share e-commerce, this initiative is another of the promotional actions set out in the MOU signed in May this year between the Agency and Alibaba Group. The purpose of the platform is to enhance the brand "Vino Argentino" among Chinese consumers and in this way strengthen the positioning of wineries that are already present in the market and provide opportunities for new producers.

The massive discounts for Bachelor’s Day, led by the Jack Ma e-commerce platform that has more than 500 million users across the world, laid the foundations for Argentina to undertake the most important milestone in the promotional field of its wine in 2017. So far, 64 labels have been marketed from 30 Argentine wineries in the provinces of Mendoza, La Rioja, San Juan and Salta.

"Our job is to look for opportunities for Argentine wines to reach different corners of the world. With this initiative we want the Chinese market to know the quality of Argentine wine", said Alberto Arizu, president of Wines of Argentina.

Mario Giordano, general manager of Wines of Argentina, who was present during the launch, said "the digital store represents a great achievement in terms of visibility and insertion of our flagship product in the Asian market. Undoubtedly it opens a great opportunity for the Argentine wine industry as a whole".

Alejandro Wagner, director of International Trade for the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade, stressed that "our mission is to turn SMEs into true PyMEx, so all the activities we carry out with Alibaba are a unique opportunity for our country. Achieving access to the Chinese market will allow local businesses to access millions of informed and intelligent consumers in search of the outstanding quality that we offer". 

Argentine wine is the first great ambassador of our country and this is the first of a series of activities to prove it.