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News - 08.05.17

Once again the world celebrated Malbec Wolrd Day

The month of Malbec ended with a success that exceeded the expectations of its organisers. There was a fabulous display of activities in different cities across the world.

In the framework of Malbec World Day and under the concept of "Malbec, the heart of Argentina", the events scheduled during the month of April to celebrate the flagship grape of Argentina came to an end.

This new edition was considered a success by WofA, the participating wineries and the Argentine Chancellery, not only because the positioning of Malbec was strengthened both in Argentina and the world, but also because sales of this varietal and of Argentine wine in general were boosted by the festivities. The success of the global celebrations was reflected on social networks. The topic "Malbec World Day" - which included terms associated with Argentine Malbec - achieved a reach of 52.4 million accounts during the month of April. For its part, the hashtag #MalbecWorldDay reached 9.4 million in the same period. In Argentina this hashtag even became a trend proving how important Malbec is to Argentines.

In Buenos Aires, "The Week of Malbec" organised by Wines of Argentina in conjunction with Bodegas de Argentina, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the Municipality of Vicente López closed with an event that saw more than 1,500 people participate. The same took place on Saturday, April 8 at the Vicente López Convention Center. Wines from the participating wineries were available to try and there were tastings run by the most important Sommelier and Gastronomy Schools in the country. There were also food trucks and live music. The proceeds from ticket sales went to charities of the Municipality of Vicente López, and this event kicked off more than 80 celebrations in 60 cities across 40 countries around the world to honor the most famous grape in Argentina.

On April 18, Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra opened the doors of the San Martín Palace to welcome ambassadors and other officials from countries around the world to make a toast to our flagship grape.

Alberto Arizu, President of Wines of Argentina, said: "Malbec is not just a wine, it is the people and families connected through its production. It is the heart of our winemaking and remains our ambassador. Today it continues to expand across geographical boundaries. Malbec World Day celebrates our essence, what our people do best and what our growth and expansion as a country represents."

Thanks to the decisive role played by Argentina with Malbec, this variety has become the emblem of our winemaking. Our country tops the list of countries that grow Malbec, reaching 40,409 hectares. Argentine winemakers have produced Malbec over the years in all its wine regions, both for domestic and foreign markets.

MWD in the world

As part of the global celebrations for MWD 2017, Wines of Argentina, together with the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held 80 events around the world during April and early May, not counting the independent initiatives that decided to join to pay homage to Malbec. More than 60 cities across 40 countries were part of the global festivities.

In the United States, Chicago played host to one of the main celebrations for MWD. They began on April 12 with "Wine Chat", an online activity in which 11 bloggers tasted a series of Malbecs simultaneously, through Twitter using the hashtag #MalbecArgentino. Continuing with the celebrations, there was a wine tasting on April 20 at the inauguration of the "Chicago Latino Film Festival", the largest meeting of the Hispanic film industry and the most important of its kind in the United States. The "Chicago Wine Fest 2017" closed the festivities with a tasting event geared specifically to millennials that took place in the "Lakewood" event hall, with the support of the Argentine Consulate.

In Latin America, the celebration of Malbec World Day in Mexico was held at The Hotel Live Aqua Urban Resort and provided the ideal setting for a great guided tasting with 25 Argentine wineries participating, with lots of different types of food on offer, it really stood out as one of the best. There was also a blends bar and white, rosé and sparkling wine served by sommeliers.

China celebrated the celebrations in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. In each city a seminar on Malbec was conducted by WofA trainers for 50 opinion leaders. In addition, they were invited to taste a selection of 30 Argentine Malbecs. Throughout April, WofA, with the support of Wine in University carried out promotional activities in 23 universities in 14 regions of China for students to deepen their knowledge of Malbec and Argentine wine in general.

In the United Kingdom about one million consumers were reached by various activities that were carried out jointly with the main retailers. Important stores such as Majestic and Virgin offered promotions at their points of sale, as well as through their online sites and by sending out special offers. A total of 650 independent merchants offered promotional materials specially designed to celebrate MWD. Publications such as The Buyer, The Drinks Business, Harpers, World of Fine Wine and the "What's on" section of the popular London site The Handbook, featured leading publishers dedicated to the cause.

Malbec World Day is a global initiative created by Wines of Argentina which seeks to strengthen the global position of Argentine Malbec and celebrate the success of our wine industry. Since its first edition, on April 17, 2011, this worldwide homage has been possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Argentine Wine Corporation, being within the Plan Estratégico Vitivinícola Argentina 2020.