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News - 12.04.16

"Malbec Week." Victory and conquest of the great Argentine strain

"Malbec Week" finished with a success that exceeded the expectations of its organisers, Wines of Argentina, Bodegas de Argentina and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. As had been expected, there was a great display with different activities which included expert talks, open tastings, discounts at shops and a closing event on April 9 at the Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo. It acted as the official launch of Malbec World Day 2016, sponsored by ICBC with more than 3,500 people in attendance. The events held during the week were attended by more than 6000 people.

As part of the 6th edition of Malbec World Day "Celebrating a classic, Wines of Argentina, Bodegas de Argentina, and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, organised a special celebration called "Malbec Week".

The central event took place on Saturday April 9 from 12:00 to midnight, at the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo which acted as the official worldwide launch event.

During the previous week, from 4 to 8 April, there were talks and open tastings in various neighbourhoods (in Villa Devoto and San Telmo). Talks concerning the industry by the five most important schools of Sommeliers and Gastronomy in Argentina; CAVE, EAS, EAV, CEBA and Gato Dumas.

Friday April 8 was "La Noche de las Vinotecas" and all events that took place in the districts were supported by Fecoba (Federation of Commerce and Industry of the City of Buenos Aires), a part of CAME (Argentina Confederation of Medium Enterprises).

Attendees were able to sample food trucks like Nomade, The Pick Market, Marcha & Sale and the prestigious Don Julio grill. There was live music from Mamita Peyote, Gimme Da Beat, a trio composed of Chelo Delgado, singer of Zimbabwe reggae band. As well as DJs sets from Fabian Couto, Exe Bunge and Interaxxis, who were live. Celebrities and featured talks about the sector were also organised.

"The effect of the Malbec World Day campaign in Malbec sales and in the positioning of the varietalboth in and out of Argentina, and as a communication tool, had a very positive impact on the local and international markets. Argentina is the first consumer of Malbec in the world and that is why this event was in conjunction with other promotional institutions such as Bodegas de Argentina. We believe that this type of activity promotes and consolidates wine consumption in the domestic market and reflects the good receptivity found in the Argentine consumer," said Guillo Barzi (Vice President of Wines of Argentina).

“Malbec Week" is a historic event in the promotion of wine in our country, because for the first time two wine entities, Wines of Argentina and Bodegas de Argentina along with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, joined in with the aim of promoting and disseminating our representative strain.

"We are very pleased with this first edition of" Malbed Week "because it marked the beginning of something great where the wine industry joined in to generate a celebration of Argentine wine and mainly our flagship grape, Malbec. Our best intentions are to continue this initiative in the future with the support of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, "said Walter Bressia, President of la Cámara Bodegas de Argentina.

Malbec World Day is a global initiative that seeks to position Argentine Malbec in the world and celebrate the success of our wine industry. Since its first edition on April 17, 2011, this global tribute has achieved a resounding success thanks to the support provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Argentina Wine Corporation to be framed within the Plan Estratégico Vitivinícola Argentina 2020.

“Within the promotional campaign for Vino Argentino, from the Corporación Vitivinícola Argentina, managed by the Fondo Vitivinícola Mendoza, the first edition of Malbec Week 2016 has been realised. The activity was coordinated by the Marketing Commission of Bodegas de Argentina ".

Malbec: celebrating a classic

For this 6th year of celebration, Wines of Argentina would like to highlight the fact that Malbec has become a classic. A classic varietal is one that is chosen again and again, through which new expressions of terroir and new layers of aromas and flavours are discovered.

A classic wine is one that is appreciated by those who try it for the first time and by those who drink it regularly. A classic gives so much pleasure that it invites us to continue exploring it.

Furthermore, a classic becomes a model. Malbec has become the paradigm of Argentine wine, our flagship strain. This means that thanks to it, we began the adventure of discovering the potential of our wine industry.

The wineries who joined us were:

Achaval Ferrer, Alfredo Roca Bodegas y Viñedos, Alta Vista, Amalaya, Antonio Mas, Atilio Avena, Bodega Argento, Bodega Budeguer, Bodega Bressia, Bodega Claroscuro, Bodega del Fin del Mundo, Bodega del Río Elorza, Bodega Deumayén, Bodega Fabre, Bodega La Linda, Bodega Luigi Bosca, Bodega Salentein, Bodega Séptima, Casa Bianchi, Casarena, Chakana, Colomé, Dante Robino, Domaine Bousquet, Dominio Del Pata, Don Cristóbal, El Esteco, Familia Schroeder, Finca Decero, Finca Del Enlace, Finca Flichman, Finca La Luz, Finca Las Moras, Finca Sophenia, Fincas y Bodegas Montechez, Freixenet, Gouguenheim, Graffigna, HumbertoCanale, Kaikén, La Justina Wines, Rutini Wines, Manos Negras/TintoNegro, Mascota Vineyards, Melipal, Nieto Senetiner, Norton, Piattelli Vineyards, Renacer, RPB Baggio, Tapiz, Trapiche, Trivento, Viniterra, Viña Las Perdices, Fecovita.