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News - 06.04.16

Alberto Arizu (Jr) is the new President of Wines of Argentina

At the Annual General Meeting held on 6 April, Alberto Arizu (h) was elected president of Wines of Argentina for the next two years. A Business Administration graduate from the National University of Cuyo, with a postgraduate degree in Strategic Marketing from the International University of San Diego and a Management Development Program (IAE, Austral University), Alberto has been elected for the third time as president of this institution, previously holding the post in 2010 and 2013.

A member of the Arizu Family, he is also the owner of Bodega Luigi Bosca - Familia Arizu. These positions have allowed him to influence the strength of Argentina's wine industry, personally leading the international expansion of his winery and actively participating in the development of the export activities of Argentine wines.

At the Assembly the 35 members who were present also voted on other positions:

Guillermo Barzi (h) (Humberto Canale S.A.) was elected as Vice President. Victor Marcantoni (PR Argentina SA) as Secretary and as Pro Secretary, Roberto Luka (Finca Sophenia SA). Meanwhile, the role of Treasurer will be occupied by Juan Marcó (Permasur S.A.) and Pro Treasurer by Andrew Kemeny (Valentin Bianchi SACIF.)

At the event, 17 positions of the executive committee were renewed.

“With the aim of further promoting Argentine wine in the world, WofA has once again renewed its authorities. Today it has 190 members and 5% market share, results which have only been made possible by the excellent work of successive executive committees, the group of professionals that make up the management team and the profound vocation of service that unites all the entrepreneurs who make up this organisation, "said Alberto Arizu (h).


Wines of Argentina is the entity responsible for the brand VINO ARGENTINO in the world. Since 1993, the organisation has been promoting the image of local wines abroad and helping to guide the export strategy of Argentina by studying and analysing the changes that occur in consumer markets. Its aim is to contribute to the consolidation of Argentina among major wine exporting countries in the world and to add to the overall success of the wine industry, seeking to raise the positive perception in the trade of opinion leaders and consumers.