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News - 27.10.15

The winners of the AWA in the LCBO

On October 14, buyers from the LCBO tasted the 65 wines which were awarded trophies and medals at the Argentina Wine Awards 2015.

The wines were tasted for LCBO Wines by, Greg Tranah, Category Manager - New World Wines and Courtney Dawson - Product Manager - New World Wines and for the Vintages by Anne Patel - Product Manager - New World Wines, Jeryca Dillas - Product Advisor, Douglas Webster - Writer, Teige Reid - Writer.

During the tasting, 3 Regional Trophies were presented (highest score obtained in the region), 6 Trophies (the best Golds in each category), 8 Golds (95-100 points) and 48 Silvers (94-90 points).

"We kicked off the event by showing the video of the AWA 2015 in order to create the right atmosphere with the opinions of the judges. This was followed by the tasting in 4 separate flights.

The buyers were surprised with some varietals such as Petit Verdot and Bonarda and also with some blends. We think this is very positive because with this type of event we can show that Argentina produces a variety of excellent wines. “

“The LCBO team, who expressed their thanks for the possibility of tasting the wines of the competition, are already thinking of repeating the activity in the first half of 2016, closer to the tender established for Argentina." said Raquel Correa, Canada Manager for Wines of Argentina.