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News - 16.04.15


The event in Buenos Aires kicked off more than 70 festivals that will take place in 64 cities in 50 countries around the world to honor the flagship grape of Argentina. In all of them, three short films selected by WofA will be shown so that viewers can be fully immersed into the culture of Argentina and specifically, Malbec.

Wines of Argentina, the organisation responsible for the image of Argentine wines in the world, kicked off the celebrations of Malbec World Day with an event that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and this year incorporated cinema as its co-star, which like wine combines art and industry at the same time.

Lights, Camera, Malbec is an event aimed at people over 25 and included a Malbec wine tasting of all styles and terroirs, food trucks from Nomade and Paraje Arévalo, mini lectures and tips, live shows from Flor de Mambo and dj sets from Fabian Dellamónica Fabian Couto and Ezequiel Lodeiro.

Also on offer was a free download of "Wine Like”, the official app of the event, where all the participating wines were pre-loaded and guests could vote for their favourites, generating a real time ranking. During the event 315 new users and 3400 “likes" were generated.

Attendees also enjoyed the three winning short films in the contest organised by WofA. The purpose of this was to show the culture and spirit of Argentina in the world; "Carousel" by Cristian Ludueña, “Corazón Viñatero by Cayetana Vidal” and “Amor en Barrica de Roble” by Hugo Emilio Blajean.


The same format of Lights, Camera, Malbec will berepeated in New York, USA; Lima, Peru; San Paolo, Brazil, Mexico D.F; Bogota, Colombia and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Campaigns will also be developed with major retailers in the UK, Canada, Brazil and Mexico to promote sales.

All activities are intended to provide attendees with an immersion into the culture and spirit of Argentina, in which wine is an essential part.

Also, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade of Argentina and the Provincial Governments, events will take place with journalists, buyers and special guests, which will include tastings, tango shows and food, with more than 64 presentations in 50 countries around the world. Also, this campaign is framed in the 2020 Wine Strategic Plan coordinated By The Argentina Wine Corporation (Coviar).

Lights, Camera, Malbec  –  2015 calendar

Bogotá                                    16 April

Lima                                       17 April

New York                                 17 April

London                                    30 April

San Pablo                                23 April

Manitoba                                 27 April

México DF                               30 April


The origin of Malbec can be found in the southwest of France. Here they have been cultivating this grape and making wines with the appellation of " Cahors " since the days of the Roman Empire. These wines were consolidated during the Middle Ages and became stronger in modern times.

The conquest of the English market was a crucial step in the evaluation of this strain in England and the world. By the late nineteenth century, the phylloxera plague had destroyed the French vineyards, so the " Cot" was forgotten, leaving, however, a culture of appreciation for Malbec.

Some time later, Malbec Argentino appeared. This strain arrived in our country in 1853 from the hands of Michel Aimé Pouget (1821-1875 ), a French agronomist that Domingo Faustino Sarmiento hired to carry out the direction of the Agricultural Quinta de Mendoza.

Modelled on France, the initiative proposed adding new grape varieties as a means to enhance the national wine industry. On April 17, 1853, with the support of the governor of Mendoza, Pedro Pascual Segura, the project to the Provincial Legislature, was presented, with a view to establishing a Quinta Normal and Agricultural School. This project was approved as law by the House of Representatives on 6 September that year.

In the late nineteenth century with the help of the Italian and French immigrants, the wine industry grew exponentially and with it, Malbec, which quickly adapted to the various different terroirs, and developed even better than in its region of origin. Thus, over time and with a lot of hard work, it emerged as the flagship grape of Argentina.

The management of Pouget and Sarmiento in the Quinta Normal de Mendoza was a crucial part of this process. The 17th of April is, for Wines of Argentina, not only a symbol of the transformation of Argentina's wine industry, but also the starting point for the development of this strain, an emblem of our country worldwide.