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News - 28.08.14

Wines of Argentina has launched a benefits program for its members

With the objective of supporting and motivating the SME members of WofA

Wines of Argentina, the organisation responsible for the brand Vino Argentino worldwide, today launched a scheme of rewards and benefits for its members. The "Loyalty Rewards Program" was presented at the WofA Open Day, a unique event that took place at Hotel NH Cordillera for members from the 220 wineries associated with the organisation.

The aim of this program is for the members to make better use of the tools offered to them by WofA to promote their wines abroad. It is about ensuring loyalty through a proposal based on value-added services, offered as benefits and privileges that can be attained through the accumulation of points that are achieved by participation in promotional activities organised by WofA.

The program took more than a year to develop and during this time surveys were conducted to identify the needs and expectations of the members of WofA, with particular attention given to SME wineries.

Among the member benefits which stand out, is "My Market”, a program that allows customers to select their favourite market and earn double points every time they participate in activities in that country. Thus, the member personalises promotional schemes according to its own objectives.

Another important benefit is the WofA Innovation Class, a Mentoring program for wineries that are taking their first steps in exporting to have the opportunity to sit next to professionals already established in the industry and to exchange experiences to enrich their business vision and motivate them to innovate in order to reach new markets.

They will also have access to special reports, invitations to events and seminars, discounts, training lectures, assistance with social networking, help with searching for importers and much more.

To score points, wineries must be active members of Wines of Argentina and not accumulate debts of membership fees and/or events, and actively participate in activities that have been previously identified as part of the program. They can also can earn points by answering surveys, receiving guests on Sundays or public holidays and participating in working groups, etc.

According to the quantity of points accumulated, the program highlights three types of members:
Premium (40,000 points per year), Super Premium (80,000 points) and Iconic (150,000 points).

"Wines of Argentina always stands out for its innovation. With this new release, we can proudly say we are the only Wine of in the world to have a benefits program. This is an important first step to ensuring that our members become more involved in promoting their wineries abroad and can capitalise on that participation. This will lead to the promotion of both Argentine wine and Argentina as a brand, "said Magdalena Pesce, Manager of Marketing & Communications at Wines of Argentina.