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News - 27.08.14

Bonarda Argentina: Rediscovering a classic

In a crowded event yesterday, the Plan for the Development and Promotion of Bonarda, Argentina was presented.

Wines of Argentina together with Bodegas Argentina, the Centro de Viñateros y Bodegueros del Este, the Comisión de Difusión y Evaluación de Vinos (CODEVIN) and the Municipalidad de San Martín, presented the Plan for the Development and Promotion of Bonarda, Argentina

During the start of the event, we heard from the authorities of the five organisations that carried out the plan which began to take shape in October 2013 in order to organise and agglomerate different isolated actions which had been developing for some years to position Bonarda Argentina.

The Plan will last 18 months and invites you to rediscover a longstanding varietal in our country that, by its nature and strategic value, helps to complement the portfolio of Argentina, expanding the choice available to the consumer.

One aspect which they are working on is the positioning of this varietal that, depending on the means of elaboration, can produce wines of low alcohol content, with lots of fruit, fine tannins and intense and vivid color.

On the other hand, Argentina is practically the only country capable of producing Bonarda Argentina on a large scale, so it is a varietal without competition from other countries.
On this evaluation Magdalena Pesce, marketing manager of Wines of Argentina, worked on assisting in the development of the strategy to implement. "With this varietal we are betting on the Millennial consumer, more open minded and open to trying. And the value proposition for this segment focuses on the innate qualities that Bonarda Argentina has, making it the hipster wine, outside the mainstream and developing its own modern and original personality. A mixture of intellectual and artistic. A classic rediscovered. “

In terms of product characteristics, "its versatility of style and quality, food-friendliness, make Bonarda Argentina an ideal varietal to accompany our favourite foods, especially pasta.”

Magdalena Pesce also added that Bonarda “has a great quality-prices relation, which makes it a very desirable product to consume.” Reports indicate that Argentina has over 18,000 hectares of this varietal, which allows for highly competitive wines of excellent quality, obtaining more for every Peso invested in a bottle of Bonarda Argentina.

Its youthful style and charm to rediscover a varietal with a long history in our country, makes Bonarda Argentina an interesting “novelty” to position in the market.

Bonarda, some tips.

• Many wineries already have experience in developing the grape.
• It has great potential and the wines obtained, present an interesting profile of unique characteristics.
• It is a very resilient varietal, which allows for good products that can target both low and high price ranges.
• Our country has a large planted area of Bonarda (with 18,000 ha, it is second only to Malbec) and is well adapted to the different wine regions all over the country.
• One of the most interesting competitive advantages of Bonarda is the fact that it is a new variety for the foreign market, where it is regarded with interest and curiosity.