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News - 16.04.13


More than 70 events will be held in 60 cities around the world to pay tribute to the varietal that best represents us.

Wines of Argentina, the organization responsible for the image of Argentine wine worldwide, has organized the 3rd edition of Malbec World Day on April 17. In 2013, Wines of Argentina has decided to highlight Malbec as an artistic and cultural expression, and connect it with the communicative force of "street art."

For this reason, an event called Cambalache will be held in London with the aim of representing Argentina's spirit and culture, not only by focusing on wine but also by creating an atmosphere that evokes the best of Argentine food, art, customs and music. The idea was so well received that an extra day had to be added for the celebration. Thus, between April 17 and 18, more than 500 people are expected to be celebrating Malbec World Day in that city with Wines of Argentina.

Those attending Cambalache will have the chance to taste 150 of the best wines by 28 top Argentine wineries. They will also enjoy a selection of typical food from the Buenos Aires streets and witness live street art performances with the presence of three of the most innovative and talented Argentine graffiti artists, who will paint a big outdoor mural. They will also have the opportunity to do activities as diverse as learning lunfardo (Argentine slang) with the author of cult book “Che Boludo,” dancing tango and even debating on Argentine literature.

In New York, Malbec World Day will be celebrated in three locations: City Winery, De Gustibus at Macy’s Herald Square, and the emblematic Metropolitan Museum of Art. The latter will host a tasting and a press conference for local media. Over 2000 people are expected to participate in the New York celebrations. In addition, this year Wines of Argentina will be officially sponsoring the renowned Tribeca Film Festival, held annually in Manhattan. WofA will be providing the wines for the more than 90 events to be held in the framework of the festival, which will take place from April 17 to 31. What is more, on the 17, the festival's web site will be dressed in Malbec.

Malbec World Day will also be celebrated in Los Angeles, Washington DC and Chicago in the USA, and in Toronto, Alberta and British Columbia in Canada, among other cities. Also, two events will be held in Beijing, China, where Wines of Argentina recently opened a new representative office: a promotional event organized in collaboration with the Shangri-la Beijing Hotel, from April 17 to 26, and a cocktail party jointly hosted by WofA and the Argentine Embassy in celebration of Malbec World Day. In turn, in São Paulo, the celebrations in honor of Malbec will include a tango and folklore show featuring the performance of 10 artists from Mendoza, Argentina.

Previous Malbec World Day editions have been considered a roaring success, not only because the celebrations strengthened Malbec and Argentina’s international positioning, but also because they led to an increase in sales of this varietal in particular and of Argentine wine in general. Malbec World Day provides an occasion to celebrate our emblematic wine internationally, and at the same time becomes a credential for the excellence of Argentine wines before the eyes of the world.

Wines of Argentina is the organization in charge of promoting the brand VINO ARGENTINO around the world. Since 1993, WofA has promoted the image of local wines abroad, in addition to guiding the export strategy of Argentine wineries through careful study and analysis of the changes taking place in consumer markets. Its aim is to contribute to the consolidation of Argentina as one of the main wine exporting countries in the world and to the global success of the Argentine wine industry by enhancing its positive image in the wine trade, among opinion leaders and consumers.