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News - 06.12.12

Argentina Wine Awards 2013 Presented

The AWA 2013 press conference was held at Enoteca de Mendoza last December 4. President of Wines of Argentina Alberto Arizu and General Manager of the organization Mario Giordano introduced the seventh edition of the export wine competition.


The Argentina Wine Awards (AWA) event, which will be held from February 18 to February 22, seeks to reflect the expansion of Argentine wines worldwide. Under the 'Next Generation' theme, Wines of Argentina will bring together journalists, bloggers, sommeliers and winemakers from the world of wine in Argentina.

The AWA is an iconic event that gives Argentine wineries the chance to showcase to the world everything that their wines can deliver, by submitting their samples to a closed-door competition with a panel of outstanding professionals on the topic as judges.

Without question, the Argentina Wine Awards has established itself as the most important competition in the local calendar and is followed with increasing interest by more and more people in the world of wine at large. Over 740 wine samples participated in the 2012 edition, filling up the total number of allowed entries.

Great Expectations

Alberto Arizu said, “We are hoping to reach the record number of wine samples submitted last year, which is 750 (the entry limit allowed),  so as to have an AWA that will solidly show the evolution of our wines and best represent our industry on an international level. All international judges have confirmed their attendance and we have scheduled a highly technically-demanding seminar with a true take-home value for our experts. At the AWA, it has always been our intention to put our wines to the test before a diverse panel of specialized judges. This year, we have named the event 'Next Generation' because it is about young, influential international experts. We have assembled a blend of winemakers, journalists and social networkers, all of them with a strong influence on the new generations of consumers. The wineries taking part in the competition will have the opportunity to measure their wines against others and test them before the experts. Just like every year, Wines of Argentina will also publicize and promote the winners of the most important awards in the context of the over 300 activities and presentations that are carried out throughout the year around the world. It opens an exceptional door to our wines."

Elite Judges

Given the ever increasing relevance of the variety of markets today, not only are the judges selected journalists, bloggers, sommeliers and winemakers of the Next Generation, but they also represent different countries and nationalities. As is true in every edition of the Argentina Wine Awards, the international judges will be joined by six respected experts from Argentina who also belong to the 'Next Generation'.

The positive publicity that the event generates is very important for the industry. Among other benefits, the competition provides a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved. The judges, all highly influential professionals in the industry, will deepen their knowledge and understanding of Argentina and its wines and the wineries will learn what style and quality of wines are best suited to their export markets.

The AWA tastings will take place in Mendoza, between February 18 and February 22, 2013.

International and National Judges

1 Alessandro Torcoli, from Italy.

2 Eduardo Milan, from Brazil.

3 Emily O’Hare, from Great Britain.

4 Harshal Shah, from India.

5 Joe Roberts, from the US.

6 Jose Luis Ruiz Santos, from Spain.

7 Laura Rhys, from Great Britain.

8 Moon Song Bang, from South Korea.

9 Omar Barbosa, from Mexico.

10 Shan Huang, from China.

11 Tom Firth, from Canada.

12 Ursula Geiger, from Switzerland.

National Judges:

1 Matías Michelini

2. Matías Riccitelli

3. Pablo Sánchez

4. Santiago Mayorga

5. Sebastián Zuccardi

6. José Lovaglio

The deadline for wineries to submit their wine samples is December 17.

Successful Wines and Styles Seminar

The Successful Wines and Styles seminar has been conducted in every edition of the AWA, as it offers the opportunity for the international panel of judges to share their experience. At the seminar, attendees get to know first-hand what wines are successful in Argentina's target markets and in the judges' countries of origin.

On this occasion, the 12 judges will present wines that are successful in their markets, while they highlight key information, such as the features of the Next Generation and their consumption patterns and the innovations, opportunities and latest trends arising in key markets.

The seminar will be held on Friday, February 22, 2013 from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm at the Sheraton Hotel, Mendoza.

The seminar fee is $480 + VAT until January 24. After January 24, it is $600 + VAT.

Tickets to attend the Award-giving Cocktail, where results will be announced, are $240 + VAT until January 24. After that date, they are $300 + VAT.