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News - 21.05.12

Game of Thrones: The Rise of Malbec Conference Series

Meet the Young Experts before Winter comes...

Dear Wineries & Importers,

We know this is a period of BIG challenges and our aim is to help you reach the key people of the US market with a renewed action, capable of attracting the attention of the Media and Trade and give them an answer to the frequent question of “Argentina: what’s next now?

In order to raise discussions on our country to a higher level and to refocus our activities, we have developed a series of three planned CONFERENCES to discuss the Argentine Wine Industry, to be held on October in Miami (1st), Dallas (2nd) and Houston (3rd) accompany of a COCKTAIL previous to each conference:

Meet the Young Experts before Winter comes...

The seminar will be presented by a panel of young experts of different areas: 2 winemakers or agricultural engineers, 2 owners of wineries and a local key journalist. The seminars will be moderated by Nora Favelukes.

The thematic to be developed will be "Argentina, Malbec & beyond " to be aligned with our new message and will be an exclusive event 60+ guests.

We will feature 10 wines during the Seminar + 18 wines at the Cocktail arranged in 3 thematic tables:

“The Game of Thrones”: exclusive for powerful reds such as Malbec based Blends, world class Cabernet, Bonarda, Petite Verdot, etc.

“The Land of Whites ”: featuring Torrontés, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and other white grapes from different regions.

“New Hidden Gems” special for wineries that want to show their products to the Trade and Press and do not have an importer yet.


• We have limited spaces and this will be THE EVENT on the 2012 Fall
• Registration will be done through the BackOffice only
• Deadline to confirm participation June 1st
• Cost: US$ 400 per city - special discount for multiple participation
• This event does not require a representative to manage the table.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further enquiries.