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News - 03.04.12

Alberto Arizu Jr. to Remain in Charge of Wines of Argentina

El 28 de Marzo de 2012 se llevó a cabo una Asamblea General Ordinaria donde Wines of Argentina eligió nuevas autoridades.

Winemaker Alberto Arizu Jr. was reelected president of Wines of Argentina last Tuesday. Alberto Arizu Jr., a member of the Leoncio Arizu S.A. firm, was appointed WofA’s president once again during a general meeting of members held at NH Cordillera Hotel, where 57 associates cast their vote. He will hold office for another two years.

Roberto de la Mota, from Mendel Wines, was elected Vice President of the organization promoting Argentine wine around the globe. Juan Marcó, from Permasur S.A. (Finca Decero) will remain as Treasurer, while the Pro Treasurer’s office will be under the responsibility of Guillermo Barzi, from Humberto Canale S.A. Patricia Freuler de Ortiz (Fincas Patagónicas – Bodega Tapiz) and Julio César Viola (Bodega Fin del Mundo) will serve as Secretary and Pro Secretary, respectively.

Following the guidelines established in the organization statute, half of the executive committee was renewed during the event, while a few new additions in a number of posts were made. “A figure of international prestige and great technical prowess, having Roberto de la Mota in one of WofA’s most public areas is indeed an invaluable addition,” stated Mr. Arizu.

The reelected president was enthusiastic before the media, claiming that “the last two years have been fruitful in that we have accomplished a good number of our intended goals. We are now up against new challenges in a highly competitive international scenario.”

He then expanded, “From now on, expansion may probably not be as powerful as it was for the last 20 years in Argentina. Our country grew at an average rate of 23% in the last 10 years (average aggregate growth per year). Back in 2011,” he explained, “we set up an action plan scheduled until 2014 with the aim of reaching USD 1,100 million in exports, which meant a 15% increase in growth. Our main concern is to be able to maintain that 15% increase rate in Argentine exports and export as much as we set out to by 2014,” Mr. Arizu concluded.

The new authorities briefly went over the annual action plan, which will feature about 225 activities a year. The organization’s 2012 budget, which amounts to an estimated 25 million pesos, practically equals last year’s. The worldwide schedule this year features activities such as Malbec World Day and WofA’s participation in international fairs and special events.

The markets Wines of Argentina is planning to focus on in 2012 “are the strategic markets we have already set a foot on. We are working very hard on our new agency in China, where we believe we will accentuate our efforts,” de la Mota asserted. Established in China since the end of 2011, WofA’s new office has been operatively functioning since early this year. “This is wonderful news, especially for Argentine wines, since they will now have their own headquarters in Beijing. We are excited about the impact of this, especially on Argentina’s strategic work in China,” Mr. Arizu concluded.