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News - 21.03.12

The CONBECA Program with the Support of Wines of Argentina

The Conbeca Program has been supported by Wines of Argentina since 2009. In November 2011 the third edition of the Conbeca auction was held, with a view to offering continued support to the Mendoza, Salta, Neuquén and Río Negro groups. The auction was hosted by Ambassador Shan Morgan at the British Embassy in Buenos Aires.

In 2009, during the first edition of the auction, the amount of AR$30,000 raised was destined to grant 10 three-year scholarships in Mendoza. In 2010, the proceeds tripled to AR$90.000. Spurred by the success of the event, WofA has decided to support 45 students as of 2011 and work on the organization of two other editions of the auction.

During the third edition, we collected AR$137,930 for the Conbeca Program. The Mendoza chapter was initiated in 2011 through WofA’s support and the group is among the most committed to Conbeca in the country. With a total of 17 scholars, the Mendoza chapter has managed to become a close-knit group, and one that gives young people a feeling of belonging. They participate in Workshops on Values, which they themselves describe as a space for growth. The scholars spend four hours per month volunteering in various organizations such as Otras Voces and Un Techo para mi País. They also participated in a leadership program and presented their conclusions at Universidad del Comahue. By the end of February, a group from the Conbeca headquarters visited Neuquén to give a leadership workshop, with excellent results.

CONBECA EL CHAÑAR (8 scholars)

This group was formed by mid 2011 under the coordination of Sandra Hawrylak. The group is made up of 7 scholars, three of whom had to retake the school year. The only high school in the area had shown a 60% retake rate that year. The population in the area has unique features, and the lack of public transport to Neuquén city limits the future opportunities of the students from this underprivileged background. Their challenge is to incorporate new leaders to drive community development.

CONBECA MENDOZA (8 scholars)

This chapter has had WofA’s support since 2009. The adolescents in this group are from Algarrobal, where Asociación Conciencia strives to eradicate child labor. Children in this area are mainly hired to work at brick furnaces. When we visited Algarrobal to celebrate Malbec World Day, we participated in a workshop and had the chance to confirm how much adolescents value the importance of the opportunities afforded by Conbeca for their future lives.

CONBECA SALTA (26 scholars)

2011 was a year of growth for Conbeca Salta. A new group was formed under a new coordinator, which is key for the expansion of the program in the area. The scholars really profit from Conbeca and the mentorship of their leaders.

BARILOCHE 1 (9 scholars)

This group works in collaboration with the Conciencia local group to help students from underprivileged neighborhoods located in the outskirts of Bariloche. In the course of 2011 five new scholars from the Anturrunca school joined the program. The rest of the scholars attend the CEM 37, 44 and 45 schools. Every other Saturday the group meets at the Conciencia local venue, which contributes to strengthen the group and provide emotional support to its members. Besides the Workshops on Values, they also receive tutoring. Scholars volunteer 4 hours of service in their communities. The Conbeca headquarters group visited them in February. Two scholars quit the program, one because they had to retake a year and the other due to work reasons.

As of 2011, those who have completed the Conbeca program may have access to the Convos Program for tertiary and university students. At present, 10 students from Bariloche and 3 from Salta are participating in this program.
To contribute to this program or get more information, please contact Sol Benedit at or call + 54 11 4393 3719.