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News - 28.12.11

Wines of Argentina opens China office

As of January 2012, Argentine wineries will have a representative office for promoting their products in the Chinese capital.

Buenos Aires, December 27, 2011. Wines of Argentina, the organization promoting Argentine wines around the world, announced the official opening of their office in China, which will operate within the premises of the Argentine Embassy in the city of Beijing.

“We’ve devised a plan to introduce Argentine wines in the Asian market, starting in China. Our aim is to acquire a solid presence in that market within five years,” said Alberto Arizu, president of Wines of Argentina.

 Juan Antonio Mompó Palacio, from Spain, with a degree in Business Management from the Universidad de Valencia and wide experience in wine marketing, has been selected to carry out a plan with three main objectives: to attain a critical mass of wineries with clients in China; to act as a logistics center, a fundamental platform to develop economies of scale; and to organize promotional events with the wineries that have already placed their products in China.

 Those objectives will be the main pillars that will support Wines of Argentina’s office in China during the first stage of the project. We intend to assist, advise and help Argentine wineries to sell their wines in a market that can not be compared to any other in terms of its complexity and cultural and logistic barriers,” pointed out Mario Giordano, Wines of Argentina’s general manager.

 Today, the Asian market is one of the most dynamic in the world. The 18 Asian countries importing the largest volume of bottled wine represent 11.6% of the world’s wine consumption, and registered a growth of more than 20% over the last decade. This shows that consumption in this market has been highly dynamic if we compare it with the nearly stagnant global consumption. In fact, during a year of global crisis, world consumption dropped by 2.8% while consumption in Asia increased by 14%.

In China, consumption represents 86% of the total consumption in the region and 10% of the global consumption. The Japanese market ranks second, and is one of the most developed markets in the region along with Southern China.

 We’re very enthusiastic about this project. We think it will help carry out promotional activities, support the liaison between our wineries and the trade, and offer the possibility of promoting the visit of renown journalists from China,” said Alberto Arizu.

 Argentine exports to Asia have amounted to over USD 24 million so far in 2011, representing a 46% growth with respect to 2010. Today China is the seventh most important market for Argentine wine exports, with the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Mexico leading the list.