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News - 26.10.11


ARGENTINA NEW CINEMA 2011- November 17 - 19, 2011, at the Egyptian Theatre. 

WHEN WOFA MET HOLLYWOOD. November 17 - 19, 2011, at the Egyptian Theatre. 

Co-presented by the Consulate General and Promotion Center of the Argentine Republic in Los Angeles.

Series compiled by Belén García Alcat and Pablo Maseda, with the assistance of Gwen Deglise. Program notes by Beth Hanna.

The 10th annual Argentina New Cinema returns with another impressive lineup, opening with Argentina box office success and surefire crowdpleaser “My First Wedding”, about one couple's hilariously disastrous "big day," starring Daniel Hendler and Natalia Oreiro. This year's series is proud to present Argentina’s official Oscar submission for Best Foreign-Language Film, Fernando Spiner's Western throwback to the brutal glories of Peckinpah and Hill, “Aballay!”  Many Los Angeles premieres are also in store: Santiago Mitre's “The Student”, about a young man (Esteban Lamothe) who gets in over his head with campus politics; Miguel Cohan’s critically lauded “No Return”, about the unpredictable aftermath of a hit-and-run; “Pots and Pans”, starring Federico Luppi as a man forced to scheme a risky plan when he can't get his life savings out of the bank; and Sergio Teubal's “The Finger”, starring Gabriel Goity as a wolfish politician running for councilor against his ex-opponent's amputated digit

Thursday, November 17.

7.30 PM Presentation and special guests. 8 PM Film.

::: Los Angeles Premiere! “My First Wedding” (MI PRIMERA BODA), 2011, 102 min. Dir. Ariel Winograd.

Jewish-born but now secular Adrián (Daniel Hendler) and Catholic-born but now quasi-secular Leonora (Natalia Oreiro) have finally reached their wedding day. Instead of gracefully embracing matrimony, Adrián spends the hours leading up to the ceremony trying to postpone it, not because he's got cold feet (or does he?), but because he's clumsily lost both his and his bride-to-be’s sacred wedding rings. Disaster ensues in director Ariel Winograd's winning comedy about the politics of the proverbial "Big Day." A box-office success in Argentina!
Reception following in the courtyard for ticket holders. 

Friday, November 18.


Double Feature!

::: Argentina's Official Oscar Submission! Los Angeles Premiere! “Aballay” (ABALLAY: EL HOMBRE SIN MIEDO), 2011, 100 min. Dir. Fernando Spiner.

Gaucho Aballay (Pablo Cedrón) brutally kills a man during a routine highway hold-up. When he sees the shattered and terrified look on the face of the murdered man's young son, Julián, hidden during the attack, Aballay resolves to change his criminal ways. Ten years later, the once-gaucho has become a mysterious local saint, forever mounted on a horse as penance for his earlier deeds. A grown-up Julián (Nazareno Casero) materializes in town seeking revenge for his father's death, with pictures in hand sketched from memory of the murderous culprits. Yet Julián's relationship with his father's murderer becomes more complex than he bargained for, when predatory psychopath El Muerto (Claudio Rissi) forces him to seek Aballay's protection. "An homage to both Argentina's gaucho culture and the brutal oaters of Sam Peckinpah and Walter Hill, ABALLAY is raw, surreal and memorable… broodingly intense, fierce and visually dazzling… helmer Fernando Spiner brilliantly makes his point about the violence that underpins both Argentinean and American popular culture. " – Variety  


Discussion following with director Fernando Spiner. 

::: Los Angeles Premiere! "No Return" (SIN RETORNO), 2010, 104 min. Dir. Miguel Cohan.

After narrowly missing being run over by a ventriloquist, Pablo (Agustín Vasquez) is the victim of a hit-and-run by two teenagers, Matías (Martín Slipak) and Chaucha (Felipe Villanueva). The bad situation spirals out of control as Matías concocts a story that his car was stolen, meanwhile nervously hearing reports that Pablo has gone into a coma, and as Matías' father (Federico Luppi) inadvertently stirs up TV interest when he goes looking for witnesses to the falsely-reported crime. In filmmaker Miguel Cohan's debut feature from the producers of THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES, the common cinematic trope of a pivotal car accident is given sensitive and intriguingly unpredictable treatment, resulting in a critically lauded low-key thriller. Nominated for 6 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina Awards, and winner of Best First Work and Best Supporting Actor (Slipak). 

Discussion between films with Director Fernando Spiner (ABALLAY)

Saturday, November 19.


::: Los Angeles Premiere! “Pots and Pans” (ACORRALADOS), 2011, 79 min. Dir. Juan Carlos Desanzo.

Aging and retired Antonio Funes (Federico Luppi) finds himself in a dire bind when his life savings become trapped in the bank in the wake of Argentina's 2001 financial crisis. As social and political protests rock the country, Antonio feels he has no choice but to act for himself - and devise a sly, risky (read: illegal) plan to acquire his money. With Ana Fernández and Gabriel Corrado. Discussion following with producer Julio Bove. 

Saturday, November 19.


Double Feature! 

::: Los Angeles Premiere! “The Finger” (EL DEDO), 2011, 93 min. Dir. Sergio Teubal.

Devilish would-be politician Don Hidalgo's (Gabriel Goity) ambitions of being voted in as the local councilor are temporarily thwarted when his town's 501 occupants (the necessary minimum for an election) are reduced to 500 after the murder of Hidalgo's political opponent, Baldomero. Hidalgo persuades Baldomero's brother not to sign the death certificate so that the election may proceed, which the brother begrudgingly agrees to. When Baldomero’s amputated finger takes on a life of its own, fantastically pointing at things from inside its formaldehyde jar and ultimately running opposite Hidalgo in the impending race for councilor, filmmaker Sergio Teubal's hilarious satire proves its capacity for both belly laughs and observant political barbs. Official selection of the 2011 Guadalajara International Film Festival

::: Los Angeles Premiere! “The student” (EL ESTUDIANTE), 2011, 124 min. Dir. Santiago Mitre.

Roque (an excellent Esteban Lamothe) has left his provincial hometown for the University of Buenos Aires, a campus he finds overwhelmed with indecipherable slogans and students rallying for different political parties and causes. As he develops a crush on a cute teaching assistant (Romina Paula) trying to instigate reform, and befriends Professor Acevedo (Ricardo Felix), a veteran campus politician, Roque is lured into the school's vibrantly seductive political realm (and away from his homework), and climbs the ranks as Acevedo's campaign and event organizer. But political allegiances are not without a price, and Roque soon realizes the ruthless nature of some of his newfound friends and allies. Official selection of the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and 2011 Locarno Film Festival. "A taut, incisive look at university wheeling and dealing." –Variety 

Discussion between films with director Sergio Teubal (THE FINGER).