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News - 22.10.11

“The Argentine wine industry is on the right track”

Un grupo de prestigiosos periodistas especializados en vino, gastronomía y turismo, procedentes de Rusia, visitó Argentina del 14 al 24 de octubre, en el marco de una invitación realizada por Wines of Argentina

A group of prestigious Russian journalists specialized in wine, gastronomy and tourism visited Argentina from October 14 to 24, in the context of an invitation from Wines of Argentina aimed at promoting the different wine regions in the country and their distinguishing characteristics. The invitation also sought to deepen the specialists’ knowledge in vineyards, terroir, gastronomy and Argentinian wines. The visiting professionals represent important business and lifestyle media outlets such as Kommersant, Vedemosti, Insignia,, Aeroflot Premium and Afisha-Food.


The guests visited Buenos Aires, San Juan, Mendoza and Neuquén. They held meetings with winemakers and winery owners and were especially invited to go on a guided tour of the wineries awarded at the Great Wine Capitalscontest (Diamandes and O’Fournier), where they had the chance to interact with the architects who designed and carried out the project, Mario Yanzón and Alejandro Cohen, from Bórmida Yanzón Studio.


The Russian journalists were: Anna Appolonova (Travel Editor in Insignia Russia); Alexander Ilin (Editor-in-Chief at; Julia Tarnavskaya (Deputy Editor-in-Chiefat Afisha Eda, from Afisha Food); Igor Serdyuk (Wine Columnist at Vedomosti and Forbes) and Vasily Shomov (Editor-in-Chiefat Aeroflot Premium).


At a meeting with Wines of Argentina, the specialists manifested their great satisfaction with their visit to our country. They remarked on the Russian view that being Argentine is more glamorous than being Parisian, and were in awe of the cities, especially Buenos Aires with its tango, and of the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and Neuquén with their wines.


Julia Tarnavskaya, who was visiting a South American country for the first time, commented on her experience: “I traveled to explore Argentina, its people and its wines. We had the chance to visit wineries and taste different wines every day. I’m very happy. I was ‘spellbound’ by Buenos Aires and every winery we went to, all of which are really special because of their own distinctive features – some of them were absolutely thrilling.”


The editor then added, “I had had the opportunity of tasting Argentine wines before but this trip has made me discover even more. Argentina’s message around Malbec is very powerful. The ethnic and cultural diversity of the people is also reflected in the diversity of their wines. We’ve tried out a few new varieties and I’m in love with a Viognier that I tasted earlier today. I see now Argentine gastronomy is the result of the combination of the Spanish and Italian cuisines, and I came here looking forward to eating something traditionally local: I thought empanadas were absolutely tasty, as well as the beef we had every day.” Finally, Julia highlighted the hospitality and warmth of Argentines.


Igor Serdyuk, on his part, said this has been his fourth trip to Argentina. “I found something new and different this time around. Argentina is a country that never ceases to amaze us and has enough potential to continue doing so. You are one of the countries from which new things are expected nowadays. Not many New World countries can offer such diversity. Argentine wine, overall, has become more intelligent, less rustic and somewhat more international in style. That’s good, and there’s an ever increasing trend among people to consume sophisticated wines. The quality of your wines is shifting into the premium category; your country is increasingly listening to the voice of expert markets. The track on which the wine industry is developing is the right one.”


The wine columnist added: “There are all kinds of consumers in Russia: those who are starting to taste wines, the sophisticated ones, the ones who only try new things, but overall the market is open and consumers are figuring out their preferences. They want to experiment. They think Argentina is very interesting.” However, Igor stated that the Russian consumer needs to see more of our country in fairs, small exhibitions, newscasts and product information materials: “Russia is a market that’s ready to consume Argentine wine and you need to strengthen your presence there, just like your direct and indirect competitors are doing.”