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News - 20.05.11

Brazilian Chain Seeks to Expand Supply of Argentine Wines

From May 8th to 14th, Wines of Argentina received a visit from members of the Angeloni chain, who visited Mendoza to look for new suppliers and thus expand their supply of Argentine wines in Brazil.

From May 8th to 14th, Wines of Argentina received a visit from members of the Angeloni chain, who visited Mendoza to look for new suppliers and thus expand their supply of Argentine wines in Brazil.

Angeloni is a supermarket chain in the states of Santa Catarina and Paraná. It is the leading company in SC and ranks 10th on the national scale. With a high-profile positioning in products, services, support, and policy of direct import of quality and exclusive products, it is the absolute leader in wine sales in Santa Catarina, with a structure of sommeliers and sales consultants in all stores.

In search of mid-priced and high-end red, white, rosé, and aromatic wines, this company, originated in the city of Criciúma, has 53 years’ experience in the business, 8000 employees, 22 stores, and sells directly to the consumer. Its volume of Argentine wine imports totaled 1.6 million dollars in 2010.

For five days, these importers visited wineries and held business meetings in a hotel with several local companies that presented their wines and shared their special features with them. The people who attended were as follows: Marco Claudio Iorio (Manager of Imports); Carlos Eduardo Palmaira de Sousa (the chain’s Sommelier); Ubaldino Santos Junior (Business Manager) and André Luiz Domingos (Business Analyst).

Wines of Argentina interviewed Marco Claudio Iorio.

What were your expectations when you arrived in Mendoza?

We are a chain of supermarkets in Brazil, and although we already import quite a few wines from Argentina, we feel the need to complete our supply with higher-level wines. We’re looking for new wines and product lines.

What kind of people does the chain reach?

The high-class public; we speak of classes A and B. We are a supermarket company working with products of higher added value, with a philosophy of direct importation, and, to us, “wine” is a strategic category. We have a whole network of sommeliers and chefs in the stores; we organize courses and conferences, and we always try to educate our customers. Brazilians still consume little wine, and we have the task of bringing the Brazilian consumer into the world of wine.

Where do you market the products?

In the states of Santa Catarina and Paraná, in the south of Brazil.

What has surprised you during your visit?

We obviously tasted many Malbecs, and also wines made from other varieties. We’ve had many surprises. We found many new things like Cabernet, Syrah, and wines like Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, varieties that we weren’t expecting to find.

Is the Brazilian public willing to taste other varieties produced in Argentina besides Malbec?

Yes. Our customers are very curious. Brazil has an interesting characteristic: in a supermarket you can find wines from all over the world: New Zealand, Europe, South America, the US; so our customers are willing to experiment and try out new wines. Although some are loyal to one brand or type of wine, there are many others waiting to try new varieties and new wines.

What particular type of wine do Brazilian consumers prefer?

They prefer fruitier wines, less oaky than in the past; wines that are easy to drink, fresh, for everyday drinking.

Has wine consumption grown to the detriment of beer?

It’s true that beer consumption is very high, but wine consumption is growing more and more in Brazil. It’s a market that’s growing quickly. Young people are entering the world of wine, and wine is a product that gives status. 

What should Argentina do to continue promoting the consumption of its wine in Brazil?

I think that everything done in direct contact with the end consumer is very worthwhile. Brazilian consumers are very curious; they have many questions and take in a lot of information. All the events organized by Wines of Argentina with the presence of opinion shapers as well as end consumers, such as conferences and wine tastings, are really positive. 

What will happen when you return to Brazil? Have you decided on any product?

When we return, we’ll definitely start to do business with the wineries. We need to analyze, discuss and exchange opinions, but I can say right now that we are going to buy.

Does Brazilian wine compete with Argentine wine?

Yes, it does; just as it does with wines from all the other countries. Curious consumers always want to try some of everything.

Market information: Brazil is the 3rd market in the Exports Ranking of Argentine bottled wines according to target market in USD FOB as well as in 9-liter cases, according to Caucasia’s 2010 statistics. The total exports in that period amounted to USD 54,004,365 and reached a volume of 1,908,707 L in 9-liter cases. Comparing the same period of 2009, the variation in USD FOB was 39.3%, and in 9-liter cases, 24%. With regards to sparkling wine, it is the 1st market in terms of turnover as well as volume: USD 3,746,050 and 127,764 L in 9-liter cases. Its growth in USD FOB was 23.4%, and, in 9-liter cases, 27.8%, compared with 2009.