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News - 17.05.11

Malbec World Day celebrated Worldwide

With the magnitude of the 2011 celebrations, Malbec World Day has undoubtedly become a “must” within the international wine agenda, and the planning for next year’s promotional actions is already under way.

A variety of special events were held all around the world during the month of April in celebration of Malbec World Day: from a special presentation at the Benois de la Danse ballet festival at the Bolshoi Theater, tastings in Honolulu, London and at the mythical GUM stores in Moscow and tango shows in Vietnam, through crushing parties with grapes flown over from Argentina, to a presentation of the famous caricaturist Jiri Sliva with his drawings.


April 17 was the date chosen by Wines of Argentina to get the world to taste Argentine Malbec, show its full potential, reveal its virtues and captivate diverse audiences who, in more than 40 countries, joined in the celebrations with excitement and eagerness. Malbec, Argentina’s flagship variety, is currently considered to be one of the most interesting varieties in the New World countries. The international celebration of Malbec World Day captured the full attention of trade members, conoisseurs, consumers and wine lovers.

The celebrations organized by Wines of Argentina reached their maximum expression in Argentina’s main export destination markets: the USA (with events in New York, Washington and the Napa Valley), Canada (with celebrations in Toronto and Ottawa), the UK (with events in London and Kent), as well as in other countries like Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Many European countries, together with China, Australia, Malaysia and Russia, among others, joined in the celebration with special activities.

Malbec featured prominently at the 130 events of the Tribeca Film Festival, one of whose main mentors is Robert de Niro, and during an event organized by the Argentine Consulate at the New York National Public Library, when the building was lit with burgundy lights.

 The winemakers of Chapel Down – in the UK – made the first Malbec in England. This wine will be served at the 2012 Malbec World Day celebrations.

In Peru, the array of activities organized was equally impressive: a Malbec Gala Dinner with a menu of five food and wine pairings prepared by five of Lima’s most renowned chefs, as well as celebrations with the press and businesspeople, and big discounts offered by the Wonga chain.

 In Argentina, the main event took place in Mendoza: a cocktail for more than 200 guests, among which were foreign and local journalists, winery owners and entrepreneurs who drank toasts from hot air balloons and participated in an auction of relic wines.

In addition, various promotional activities and events were organized in coordination with 40 delegations of the Argentine Chancellery, who cooperated and participated in the celebration of Malbec World Day through guided tastings, lunches and dinners paired with Malbec, and special promotions and discount prices offered at bars, wine stores, specialized stores, importing companies, hotels and restaurants. It was thanks to the alliances created with our counterparts in each city that it became possible to bring Argentine Malbec closer to an increasing number of consumers. In addition, a number of seminars were held on the occasion of Malbec World Day, as well as other activities like tango shows, VIP barbecues and media and trade events.

Long-range promotional work was done before, during and after the MWD events, and very broad coverage was achieved by the local, national and international press. Communication through the Wines of Argentina website and the social networks contributed to widening the scope of Malbec World Day across the world. The media coverage of the events also reached large audiences. Specially designed graphic marketing material contributed to create a unified image that was then used for communication through a variety of signs, banners, invitations, cards, brochures, postcards, folders and stickers. There were also e-mail marketing campaigns and promotional materials were distributed at the different events organized by Wines of Argentina during the month of April.

Internet and the social networks deserve special mention, since the Malbec World Day website was the main promotional tool for all the activities our representatives carried out in their respective markets. In its different sections, the website tells the story of Malbec in Argentina from Sarmiento’s initial request to bring Malbec grapes into the country to the current position of Argentina in the international market. It further presents the recently held celebratory grape crushings, during which videos were displayed showing world experts and personalities explaining why they love Malbec and the reasons that make this Argentine varietal a cause for celebration. It also features the full schedule of celebrations held around the world and the most updated information on the qualities of Malbec in the different winemaking regions of Argentina, from Salta to Patagonia.

Facebook and Twitter contributed to broaden the scope of the promotional campaign for MWD and involved consumers from all over the world in the celebration.

With the magnitude of the 2011 celebrations, Malbec World Day has undoubtedly become a “must” within the international wine agenda, and the planning for next year’s promotional actions is already under way.