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News - 04.06.10

Argentine wines present at the BENOIS DE LA DANSE AWARDS

Argentine wines were present at the “Benois de la Danse" award-giving ceremony and galas in Moscow.

  Argentine wines were present at the “Benois de la Danse" award-giving ceremony and galas in Moscow.

The event, often referred to as “the Academy Awards of the dance world”, brought together directors of the world’s best-renowned theaters, nominees and a crowd of media representatives.

The ceremony was held on May 18th at the Bolshoi Theater, when in addition, awards were presented to last year’s winners.

Following the award ceremony, a gala took place in which both this year’s nominees and last year’s winners participated.

Argentine wines were presented both at the press conference that took place on May 17th and during the second gala night, held on May 19th with the participation of laureates from the different editions of the Benois de la Danse awards, the first of which took place in 1992.

Soon after this gala, where Argentine dancers Eleonora Cassano and Gabriel Ponce performed the closing number, and which was sponsored by the Argentine Beef Promotion Institute (IAPCV), a reception dinner was served for 300 people who had the chance to taste Argentine wines in the emblematic Atrium of the Bolshoi.

Argentine wine was also present during the celebrations of Argentina’s Bicentennial in Moscow: on May 20th it featured in the launch of the “Bicentennial menu” at the Belorusskaya and Universitet branches of the Torro Grill chain (comprising 5 venues), where it formed part of a combo menu presented before the press and special guests, which will be on offer for a month on the restaurant’s menu; and on May 25th, on the ocassion of the Argentine national celebration, at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. 

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