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News - 27.01.10

Moroccan marinated lamb, morcilla and beef brochette. Evan Goldstein, Master Sommelier Full Circle Wine Solutions (, Author of “Perfect Pairings” and “Daring Pairings”. Chef: Martín Lemmo

Apart from Malbec, other red grapes have also excelled in Argentina of late and among them yrah, the grape associated with France’s Northern Rhone Valley and Australia’s Barossa, has garnered more and more attention, particularly in San Juan, in the Pedernal Valley and Zonda.
Here the Syrah is rich and mouth filling, laced with cracked pepper corn spice, notes of black tea, ripe berry and plum fruit and framed by ample but not gritty tannins that add grip and staying power without ripping up the mouth. With food, San Juan Syrah sings. Try dishes that range globally from a mixed grill of Moroccan marinated lamb, tasty morcilla, and herbal marinated beef brochettes to wok-charred eggplant or Chinese long beans, all of which echo Syrah’s spicy/smoky tones, and from a moist slow roasted pimentón-rubbed pork loin to Korean braised short ribs or even classic stews such as a rich Cassoulet from France or rib-sticking Brazilian feijoada, all of
which match to the smooth rich texture of San Juan’s offerings.
Full flavored Syrah from San Juan is indeed just your ticket to international epicurean adventure.

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