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News - 12.01.10

Duck, Peruvian style

Israel Laura Peruvian cook, author of memorable dishes at the “El 550” and “Chala” Restaurants, in Lima.

This recipe shows the very essence of Peruvian cuisine, and reflects the multicultural nature of the Andean country.

The sauce over the duck includes chicha de jora, an ancestral drink made from fermented maize, as well as some seasonings like garlic, reminiscent of the Spanish heritage of the country. For the pineapple accompaniment, Laura chose the traditional Peruvian eau-de-vie made from Italia grapes. An oriental component is added by some crunchy wok-sautéed Chinese vegetables. The combination of spicy, savory and sweet flavors in this dish calls for a Pinot Noir from Neuquen, in the Argentine Patagonia.