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News - 22.09.09

Art and Wine in London, San Francisco and New York

The presence of musician Gustavo Santaolalla and his band, Bajofondo, and of the ballet directed by Julio Bocca graced the annual wine tastings organized by Wines of Argentina in England and the United States.

The presence of musician Gustavo Santaolalla and his band, Bajofondo, and of the ballet directed by Julio Bocca graced the annual wine tastings organized by Wines of Argentina in England and the United States.

Argentina’s wine ambassadors, ballet dancer Julio Bocca and composer Gustavo Santaolalla will accompany Wines of Argentina during the Annual Tastings held this year in San Francisco, USA. Bocca was the star at the London Tasting and will also be present in New York, as director of Ballet Argentino, with a show especially designed for each occasion.

“New York and San Francisco are, together with Miami, the two most important markets within the USA. They are big wine consumers as well as great showcases. The on-trade is much developed in both places. There are high-profile restaurants and consumers who know what they want and seek innovation. Through these two events, at which we expect an attendance of some 1,000 people overall, Wines of Argentina shows its strong commitment to promotion in its most significant markets,” highlighted Mario Giordano, manager of Wines of Argentina, the institution that promotes Argentine wine abroad.

The tastings in the United States will take place on October 6th and 8th respectively. In New York the selected venue is City Winery, while in San Francisco it will be the Regency Center.

Tango dancersMeanwhile, two grand tastings were held in London. The first one was intended for consumers and was organized jointly with Decanter magazine and Gaucho, the biggest Argentine restaurant chain in the UK, on September 12th at Vinopolis (Borough Market). The second event, aimed at wine buyers, gathered 90 Argentine producers and was held on September 15th at Lord’s Cricket Ground in the city of London. Both events were distinguished by the shows directed by Bocca.

The San Francisco tasting will boast the presence of Argentine composer Gustavo Santaolalla, two-time Oscar winner for his soundtracks, with his band Bajofondo in a show that promises to be a success. In New York Julio Bocca will present his outstanding dancers –some of them from Ballet Argentino. “The show will include some acting, will tell a story, and will have choreographies especially created for the event. It's the first time we have several international dancers as representatives of the wine culture," Wines of Argentina representatives said.

Susana BalboAll these events can be followed through the Internet, since a taste-live session will be held using the social network Twitter as a platform. “We will be broadcasting live from Twitter with a giant screen at all three events: London, San Francisco and New York. Those twitters who want to join in will only have to follow Wines of Argentina in this network by using the hashtag #winesofargentina,” said Lis Clément, WofA’s Marketing & Communications Manager.

Wine Ambassadors

- Gustavo Santaolalla: Argentine composer, musician and producer, winner of two Oscars awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (USA) for his work in the soundtracks of the motion pictures Babel and Brokeback Mountain. He also obtained a BAFTA Award for the music of the film The Motorcycle Diaries. Santaolalla often combines elements of rock, soul, African rhythms and Latin American folk music. In the 1970s he led Arco Iris, one of the first music bands in the history of Argentine rock nacional.

- Since the 1990s he has been promoting Latin American rock by producing bands and singers such as Molotov, Cafe Tacvba, Los Prisioneros, Julieta Venegas, Juanes, Jorge Drexler, Bersuit Vergarabat, Fobia, Arbol, and Caifanes, among many others.

- Today he is the leading member of Bajofondo.

- Julio Bocca: Born in Munro, province of Buenos Aires, on March 6th 1967, Julio Bocca is one of the most outstanding Argentine classical ballet dancers of all times. A child prodigy, after making his debut as a soloist dancer in 1982 –and after obtaining countless gold medals at international competitions-, he was invited by the great Mikhail Baryshnikov to join the American Ballet Theater. During a great part of his career, he danced with Argentine ballerina Eleonora Cassano. In 1990 he fulfilled the dream of creating his own ballet company, Ballet Argentino, of which he has been the artistic director since 2005. In 2007 he said goodbye to stage performance but he continues working as director on the choreography of his Company’s shows.