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News - 07.08.09

Decanter Argentina Wine Encounter

Wines of Argentina organized a day aimed at consumers in England: the Argentina Wine Encounter, with the participation of the Decanter Magazine. The event will be carried out on 12th September and the chosen place is Vinopolis, located in Borough Market, the top gastronomic location in London.

This is the first large-scale event aimed at consumers organized by Wines of Argentina in United Kingdom. Decanter, one of the leading wine magazines in the world, and Gaucho restaurant, the most important Argentinian cuisine chain in UK, also participated in the organization of this event, which promises not only wine tasting, but a also a host of Argentina related entertainment including food master classes and Tango lessons. “The day will feature stands from around 35 of Argentina’s top Bodega’s, consumer ‘walk rounds’ with some of the UK’s most renowned wine journalists (including Tim Atkin) and also a separate seminar on a hot-topic in Argentine wine, such as ‘the variations in Malbec from North to South’,” explained Andrew Maidment, Area Manager of Wines of Argentina.

With an estimated 400 guests the event aims to be the largest that Decanter has organized in a New World wine-producing country. This way, this experience will provide consumers with a format for future activities to be performed.

 “The UK is indeed a tough market in which to do business given the current climate. However, Argentina is still far from reaching its potential with an estimated 1.5% market share. Distribution of our wines throughout the country is now at a better level than it has ever been, but we have in the past suffered from a lack of public awareness and knowledge of our offering. A more consumer focused strategy, beginning with this Decanter event, should help us address these issues, generating increased interest and wider-reaching PR,” pointed out Maidment.

The best place, the best setting

The chosen venue for this event is Vinopolis, a unique place located in Borough Market, the best gastronomic location in London, especially for Saturdays. Besides, Wines of Argentina chose the best setting for carrying out this activity which will be held 3 days before the classic Annual Trade Tasting.

The ticket will cost 30 GBP. During last years, Argentina has made a big effort to place its wines on trade, now it is time for consumers to acknowledge the Argentinian brand.

The Decanter Argentina Wine Encounter will offer a three-month intense promotion program. Said promotion will be available through the printed edition of its magazine, its website and via e-mail including 5,000 contacts from Wines of Argentina and 37,000 contacts from Gaucho.

Wineries may present as many wines as they wish. Said wines will be sent to the Annual Tasting, if they are not already in England.

For further detail or registration, please click: or send an email to Andrew Maidment: