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News - 02.07.09

Argentinian wines were present at Expovinos

The fourth edition of the most important wine fair was successfully performed in Colombia. In this article, readers may find the tasting results as well as the impact of the activities organized by WofA.

For four consecutive years, Expovinos was carried out from 3rd to 6th June 2009 in the central pavilion of Corferias, the main exhibition site of Bogotá. During three days, the fair gathered 21,000 people from different cities, as well as importers, traders, media and final customers.

This event was organized by Grupo Éxito, a company that gathers more than 300 superstores and supermarkets in Colombia.

In three of the four previous editions, Wines of Argentina has been the only participating institution that promotes wine. Besides, this time, wine producers and distributors from United States, Argentina, Spain, Chile France, Italy, Germany, Uruguay, Russia, Australia, Portugal, Romania, and South Africa, were present among others. All in all, the event gathered 52 importers.

Expovinos is, undoubtedly, the main setting for wine promotion among Colombian consumers. This way, Wines of Argentina performed different activities in order to place the country brand. Within this context, different activities were carried out with the aim of making the attendees know about winemaking regions, grape varieties as well as climatic and geographic variety within the Argentinian territory.

As regard these activities, with the aim of attracting public to the stand and reinforce the “Argentina” origin, the institution organized a ring game called “El vino argentino es tu anillo al dedo” (“The Argentinian wine is just right”). The idea of this game is that consumers throw four wicker rings at ten bottles of Argentinian wine. If contestants insert the ring in a bottle, they take said bottle as a prize and then the following contestants continue.

Another activity was a musical talk called “Discover your inner tango”, with singer-exhibitor and dancers. Besides, with the aim of merging Argentinian red wine with coffee, the most valuable product of the Colombian culture, another activity performed was called “Tinto con tinto” (Argentinian red wine with Colombian coffee), where tastings and talks about these products were carried out.

Impact of the activities

According to the people in charge of Wines of Argentina, the country brand “Vinos de Argentina” (Wines of Argentina) was mentioned on the radio, television and newspapers within the context of the activities performed at Expovinos 2009. The event also confirmed that Bogotá is the main market to buy wine in Colombia, including 51% of the national market. This way, the desired goal was achieved.

Due to the impact of WofA’s presence, this year the US embassy sponsors an institutional pavilion at Expovinos in order to gather all the US brands present in the Colombian market. Likewise, this year the Chilean participation for 2010 was agreed.

Expovinos is, undoubtedly, an important platform for exhibiting and promoting Argentinian wines in the Colombian market. The challenge for 2010 is to get better results than in the previous years (2007, 2008 and 2009).

Argentinian wines awarded at EXPOVINOS 2009

More than 60 tasters were in charge of tasting wines from all over the world that are currently in Colombia. Within this context, 12 Argentinian wines were awarded in different categories.

In the first category, “Argentinian Malbec wines for everyday consumption between $9 and $14.95”, Finca La Escondida 2006 got the Gold Medal and Santa Ana 2008 the Silver one.

In the second category, “Argentinian Malbec wines between $15 and $20”, La Celia Reserva 2006 got the Gold Medal and Trivento Reserve 2007 as well as Trumpeter 2007 achieved the Silver one.

Then, in the third category, “Sauvignon Blanc wines between $10 and $15”, Trapiche 2008 achieved the Gold Medal.

In the fourth category, “Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon wines between $12.5 and $19”, Lagarde 2007 got the Gold Medal and Familia Zuccardi 2007 the Silver one.

In the case of the following category, “high quality Chardonnay wines between de $12.5 and $22.5”, the wine awarded with Silver Medal was Postales del Fin del Mundo Chardonnay.

Furthermore, in the eleventh category, “high quality wines between $22.5 and $27.5”, Trivento Golden  Malbec Reserve 2006 got the Gold Medal and Nieto Senetiner Malbec 2007 the Silver one.

Finally, in the last category, “prestigious red wines between $30 and $35”, Doña Paula Malbec 2007 got the Silver Medal.