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Malbec World Day

One day, one celebration, one global superstar

MWD took place for the first time on April 17, 2011, with more than 72 events being held in 45 cities, across 36 countries.

The huge international significance which Malbec World Day has accomplished in each of its editions is also thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade of Argentina.Every year, around the world, more than 40 representatives of Argentina play a major role in the impact of Malbec World Day in the international media.

On April 17, 2012, in its second year, there were more than 142 events in 68 cities across 43 countries around the world. The key celebrations were held in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Seattle in USA, Ottawa, Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver in Canada, United Kingdom, Holland, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In 2013, 106 events were held in 76 cities across 50 countries. The whole world honored our country's signature grape.

It was decided, that in order to highlight this varietal as a cultural and artistic expression, it should be linked with "street art", which is why artists like Run Don’t Walk, Jaz, Pum Pum, Panama Club, Planet Cees, Cekis and Clandestinos, painted murals in Mendoza, San Pablo, New York and London. More than 1.5 million people joined the celebrations worldwide. And more than 300 Argentine wineries were able to proudly present their Malbec to the public.

"We are very happy with the development and the excellent reception of the third edition of Malbec World Day. It really is possible to see how hard Wines of Argentina have worked, accompanied in many cases by the various Embassies in each country, and the result is clearly seen, year after year in both the number of events and the attendance of the festivities. We shall continue our work to promote Argentine wine and to show the world the excellent wines produced in our country".

Alberto Arizu, President of Wines of Argentina.

 The fourth edition of Malbec World Day, an international celebration dedicated exclusively to the Argentine grape par excellence. The festivities of 2014 praise the musical culture under the slogan: “To the sound of Malbec" (or "Music for Malbec"). From their ancient origins, Bacchanalian parties appealed to the liberation of the senses through sensuality and movement. Therefore, this year we are to through music to enhance the rhythmic quality of our wine. The tempo of Malbec is like your taste: untamed, intense and vigorous.


Making Noise Malbec is the first wine fair in honor of this varietal. It is aimed at young people aged 25 to 35 and includes a Malbec wine tasting, but unlike other shows, in this special edition of Malbec World Day 2014, the wines will be sorted according to their types and styles (soft rosés, sparkling, young reds, medium-bodied reds, structured reds, sweet reds, etc).

Another attraction of the fair will be the free download of the official application of the event, available for iPhone and Android, where you will find all the wines of the event pre-loaded and by clicking "Like" be able to add them to a favorites folder.

This event will take place not only in Buenos Aires but also in Lima, Peru , San Pablo , Brazil and the Federal District of Mexico .


In London, UK and New York, USA, the ‘Cambalache’ event will be held, aimed at providing attendees with an immersion in the culture and spirit of Argentina, where wine is an essential part.

In its inaugural year, Cambalache UK, an event focused on wine and especially on Argentinian culture as a whole, was not only recognized as an outstanding event in the wine industry, but also rewarded for its ingenuity with the prize " Best Brand Experience" at the FMBX Awards and finalist in "the Best Brand Experience" at the Event Magazine Awards.

Previous editions of Malbec World Day were considered by WofA , participating wineries and the Argentine Chancellery as a resounding success, not only because the positioning of Malbec and Argentina in the world was strengthened but because sales of this varietal in particular and Argentine wine in general were driven by these celebrations. In 2013 , the red varietals gained ground significantly, thanks to Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Malbec performed very well, closing 2013 with an increase of 3.2% in USD FOB (387,759,868 million USD) and 3% (9,557,722 boxes of 9 liters) in volume compared to 2012.


Buenos Aires- Malbec Making Noise: April 4 (

San Pablo- Malbec World Day: April 10

Lima- Malbec World Day: April 11

New York- Cambalache: April 16 & 17 (

Mexico DF- Malbec World Day: April 26

London- Cambalache: April 30 & May 1 (

To learn more about the celebrations and activities click here: Malbec World Day.