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Malbec World Day

One day, one celebration, one global superstar


Malbec originated and was for long cultivated in the southwest of France. The resulting wines, named “from Cahors” after their region, have enjoyed increasing recognition since the times of the Roman Empire. Their prestige became consolidated in the Middle Ages and they gained full recognition in modern times.

The conquest of the English market was a crucial step for this variety to become appreciated in England and the world. When phylloxera destroyed French viticulture towards the end of the 19th century, the “Cot” fell into oblivion. However, a culture of appreciation of Malbec had already become consolidated and laid the foundations for the development of Argentine Malbec some time later.

Malbec was brought to our country from France in 1853 by Michel Aimé Pouget (1821-1875), an agronomist who was hired by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento to run the Quinta Agronómica de Mendoza.

After the French model, this Quinta Normal sought to incorporate new varietals as a way to boost the national wine industry. On April 17th, 1853, with the support of Mendoza’s governor Pedro Pascual Segura, a bill was submitted to the Provincial Legislature for the foundation of a Quinta Normal and a School of Agriculture. The bill was enacted as law by the House of Representatives on September 6th, 1853.

By the end of the 19th century, viticulture experienced an exponential development in the hands of Italian and French immigrants, and so did Malbec, which adapted quickly to the varied terroirs offered by our geography and developed even better than in its original land. In this way, over the course of time and after much hard work, Malbec came to be Argentina’s flagship variety.

The efforts made by Pouget and Sarmiento for the Quinta Normal of Mendoza played a key role in that process. To Wines of Argentina, April 17th not only represents the transformation of Argentina’s wine industry, but it is also the starting point for the development of Malbec as the iconic variety and international flagship of Argentina’s viticulture.


Malbec World Day took place for the first time on April 17, 2011, with more than 72 events being held in 45 cities, across 36 countries.

The huge international significance which Malbec World Day has accomplished in each of its editions is also thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade of Argentina.Every year, around the world, more than 40 representatives of Argentina play a major role in the impact of Malbec World Day in the international media.

On April 17, 2012, in its second year, there were more than 142 events in 68 cities across 43 countries around the world. The key celebrations were held in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Seattle in USA, Ottawa, Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver in Canada, United Kingdom, Holland, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In 2013, 106 events were held in 76 cities across 50 countries. The whole world honored our country's signature grape.

It was decided, that in order to highlight this varietal as a cultural and artistic expression, it should be linked with "street art", which is why artists like Run Don’t Walk, Jaz, Pum Pum, Panama Club, Planet Cees, Cekis and Clandestinos, painted murals in Mendoza, San Pablo, New York and London. More than 1.5 million people joined the celebrations worldwide. And more than 300 Argentine wineries were able to proudly present their Malbec to the public.

The fourth edition of Malbec World Day, was an international celebration dedicated exclusively to the Argentine grape par excellence. The festivities of 2014 praised the musical culture under the slogan: “To the sound of Malbec" (or "Music for Malbec"). From their ancient origins, Bacchanalian parties appealed to the liberation of the senses through sensuality and movement. Therefore, in that year we were to through music to enhance the rhythmic quality of our wine. The tempo of Malbec is like your taste: untamed, intense and vigorous.

Making Noise Malbec was the first wine fair in honor of this varietal. It was aimed at young people aged 25 to 35 and included a Malbec wine tasting, but unlike other shows, in that special edition of Malbec World Day 2014, the wines were sorted according to their types and styles (soft rosés, sparkling, young reds, medium-bodied reds, structured reds, sweet reds, etc).

In London, UK and New York, USA, the ‘Cambalache’ event were held, aimed at providing attendees with an immersion in the culture and spirit of Argentina, where wine is an essential part.

In total there were more than 60 events in 55 cities from 44 different countries around the world. 

In the 5th edition of Malbec World Day more than 130 events were held in 107 cities in 60 countries around the world to honor the signature grape of Argentina. In all, three short films were selected by WofA and created so that viewers could dive into the Argentine culture and specifically into Malbec.

MWD 2015 incorporated cinema as its co-star, which like wine combines art and industry at the same time.

Filmmaking involves creating audiovisual experiences,telling stories, sharpening our perception of the world and inventing atmospheres that stimulate our senses. Film covers several disciplines: photography, literature (script), music, acting and editing. It is a long process that includes the work of an entire industry. Its final part, assembly, involves a careful selection of elements and perfect synthesis.

Similarly, our Malbec is art because it reflects our way of being Argentine, symbolises our character, our passion and our unbending relationship to the earth, creates intimate atmospheres that reinforce links, adds warmth and confidence, alters our sensory perception; and it is industrial because it brings together the capabilities of our human capital and technological progress to improve with time.

Lights, Camera, Malbec was the format chosen for the event to celebrate our strain and it was repeated in New York, USA; Lima, Peru; Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Federal District of Mexico; Bogota, Colombia and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Campaigns were also developed with major retailers in the UK, Canada, Brazil and Mexico to promote sales. Year after year, through the celebration of MWD, the idea is to give the audience an immersion into the culture and spirit of Argentina, in which wine is an essential part.

In the 2016 edition of Malbec World Day, under the slogan "Celebrating a classic”, more than 70 events were held in 70 cities across 54 countries, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Argentina Wine Corporation.

For the sixth year of celebration, Wines of Argentina made emphasis on how Malbec has become a classic. A classic varietal is one that is enjoyed again and again, through which new expressions of terroir and new layers of aromas and flavours are discovered. A classic wine is one that is appreciated by those who try it for the first time and those who drink it regularly.

A classic gives so much pleasure that it invites us to explore deeper. A classic becomes a model and an influence. Malbec, our flagship variety has become the paradigm of Argentine wine. This means that thanks to it, we have begun an adventure of discovering the potential of our wine industry.

The 2017 
edition revolved around the concept of Malbec as the heart of Argentina. Transformed into the motor for the most daring innovations, Malbec has given the country's winemaking industry a booming character during the last twenty years.

Malbec is not just a wine. It is a fruit that generates work, individuality, culture and development. Each bottle is a declaration of what sets Argentina apart. Each bottle speaks of the hands, the dexterity and the soul of our men. In the seventh edition more than 80 events were held in 60 cities across 40 countries.

While in 2018 and under the slogan "Malbec Argentino: You know me and you don’t", this edition put the accent on the richness and diversity of a variety whose potential is yet to be discovered. 120 events were held in 100 cities across 60 countries.

2019 #MalbecArgentino: Elegance Doesn´t need perfection

#MalbecArgentino is the variety that most accurately reflects the evolution of our wine industry. Today Argentina is synonymous with Malbec, having achieved a direct association with the varietal. Renowned for its diversity, high quality and elegance, it marks a constant innovation in the wine scene worldwide.

With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Argentine Wine Corporation, our flagship grape will be honored for the ninth year in a row in the major cities of the world. As in every edition, a rich agenda is foreseen which will include conceptual activities for consumers, wine fairs for press and trade, talks from experts, tastings and promotions in wine bars and restaurants.