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capítulo N° 6

Land of Tracks

Tracks: the imprints that bodies and stories leave behind as they go by. An episode devoted to the symbols that shape our memory, showing a region that has been marked by the tracks of time. Prehistory and its creatures open up paths for us to follow…

Land of expression

Argentina: Land of Expressions

First documentary series on the Argentine wine industry

Land of Expressions is a series that travels across the winemaking regions of Argentina, a uniquely diverse country and a leader in the world of wine. The series delves into its history and the secrets of its winemakers. The narrative strings together beautiful stories, which slowly unveil for the viewer every corner of the different regions that make up our country’s wine map.

The series contains six episodes. Each of them is devoted to a different region and tells the stories from a privileged vantage point that allows the viewer to discover not only the reality of the winemaking industry in each region, but also the cultural magic, the richness of the landscapes and customs, and the diversity that grants life and soul to each of these unique places.

Using language that brings out the singular voice and emotion of each character, each episode of Land of Expressions lends a voice and a face to the words of those who make it possible to build a plural historical space.

Starting in Salta, traveling across Neuquen and arriving in Rio Negro, the series takes on a multiple perspective documentary approach that captures the words and the memories, the landscape and the work of the true protagonists.