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Our Values


To collaborate in the consolidation of Argentina among the main wine exporting countries in the world and to contribute to the overall success of Argentina's wine industry through the building of the brand "VINO ARGENTINO", raising the positive perception in the trade among opinion leaders and consumers.


RESPECT: We value diversity and learn from the differences between people, ideas and situations. We recognise dignity in all people and are able to accompany and help others when needed.

TEAMWORK: We believe that achievements are the result of a collaborative effort, so every project we undertake is specified in the framework of an interdisciplinary and dynamic team. All our achievements and failures are collective.

FLEXIBILITY: We have the ability to adapt to new challenges, responding quickly and effectively to the needs of the industry.

ENTHUSIASM: We engage in our activities with optimism and professionalism. We are positive and innovative.

EQUALITY: We treat all wineries with the same respect, regardless of size, region, knowledge or seniority. We strive to ensure a fair and equal opportunity for all.

CONFIDENCE: We communicate in a genuine, open and honest manner. We are critical and self-critical. We trust that from experience, we can learn from our mistakes.

All these values are reflected in the following PRINCIPLES, that are apparent in the day to day functioning of Wines of Argentina.

  • Non profit organisation.

  • Transparent.

  • Organised.

  • Promoter of cooperative work with other organisations and authorities.

  • Responsible for the quality of our work.