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News - 14.03.15

LIGHTS, CAMERA, MALBEC!!! Malbec and the Silver Screen: a new way to sharpen our senses and discover the Argentine culture

On this, the fifth edition of Malbec World Day, more than 70 events will take place in 64 cities of 50 countries around the world to pay tribute to Argentina's flagship grape variety. All of them will feature three short films selected by WofA and produced to get the audience to become better acquainted with the Argentine culture, and particularly with Malbec, a dark-skinned French-born who came to be the most famous Argentinian.

Wines of Argentina, the organization responsible for the image of Argentine wine worldwide, will be opening Malbec World Day celebrations on Friday, April 10, in El Dorrego, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This year, Malbec World Day’s co-star will be the silver screen which, like wine, is part art, part industry.


Movie making involves giving shape to audiovisual experiences, telling stories and creating atmospheres that arouse our senses. In so doing, it helps us sharpen our perception of the world. It includes various disciplines: photography, literature (script writing), music, acting and editing. It is a long process that brings in the work of a whole industry. Editing, the last stage of the process, involves a careful selection and a perfect synthesis of all the elements.

Similarly, our Malbec is also an art, because it expresses the essence of being Argentine, our character, our passion and our strong bond with the land, while it creates intimate atmospheres that strengthen our connection with people, brings in warmth and trust, and enhances our sensorial perception. And Malbec is also an industry, as it brings together the skills of our human resources and technological advances which keep on improving as time goes by.

Lights, Camera, Malbec is a fair targeted to 25- to 35-year-olds, who will have the chance to taste different styles of Malbec wines from various terroirs, indulge in the gastronomic delights offered by the food trucks, learn wine tips by listening to short talks and download free applications for iPhone and Android, including a list of all the wines and the option of clicking “Like” and adding them to their favorites.

Participants will also have the opportunity to watch the three shorts which won the contest organized by WofA with the purpose of showcasing the Argentine culture and spirit to the world:

Name of the Short


CARRUSEL (Merry-go-round)

Cristian Ludueña

CORAZÓN VIÑATERO (Wine Grower’s Heart)

Cayetana Vidal

AMOR EN BARRICA DE ROBLE (Love in  an Oak Barrel)

Hugo Emilio Blajean

Admission tickets will cost $200 per person and will be available at

“New audiences seek to be stimulated through all the senses. Movies and Malbec together can offer that possibility. They foster creativity, combine human skill with available resources, transform our vision of the world by creating special atmospheres. Argentine Malbec has earned a leading role worldwide, positioning Argentine wine as a strong, innovative export industry. Malbec was our debut in the world and became essential, unique, long-lasting – just like a classic,” says Susana Balbo, President of Wines of Argentina.


The same Lights, Camera, Malbec format will be used in New York (USA), Lima (Perú), São Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City, Bogotá (Colombia) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). In addition, marketing campaigns involving the main retailers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil and Mexico will be carried out to promote sales. All the activities will be aimed at offering participants the opportunity to get better acquainted with the Argentine culture and spirit, in which wine plays a leading role. Moreover, a number of events, including tastings, tango performances and food for journalists, buyers and special guests, will be held in over 64 diplomatic representations of 50 countries around the world, in collaboration with the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship and the provincial governments. In addition, this action is framed in the Wine Strategic Plan Argentina 2020 coordinated by the Argentina Wine Corporation (Coviar).

Buenos Aires April, 10th
Bogotá April, 16th
Lima April, 17th
New York April, 17th
London April, 30th
São Paulo April, 23th
Manitoba April, 27th
Mexico City April, 30th

Malbec originated and was for long cultivated in the southwest of France. The resulting wines, named “from Cahors” after their region, have enjoyed increasing recognition since the times of the Roman Empire. Their prestige became consolidated in the Middle Ages and they gained full recognition in modern times.

The conquest of the English market was a crucial step for this variety to become appreciated in England and the world. When phylloxera destroyed French viticulture towards the end of the 19th century, the “Cot” fell into oblivion. However, a culture of appreciation of Malbec had already become consolidated and laid the foundations for the development of Argentine Malbec some time later.

Malbec was brought to our country from France in 1853 by Michel Aimé Pouget (1821-1875), an agronomist who was hired by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento to run the Quinta Agronómica de Mendoza.

After the French model, this Quinta Normal sought to incorporate new varietals as a way to boost the national wine industry. On April 17th, 1853, with the support of Mendoza’s governor Pedro Pascual Segura, a bill was submitted to the Provincial Legislature for the foundation of a Quinta Normal and a School of Agriculture. The bill was enacted as law by the House of Representatives on September 6th, 1853.

By the end of the 19th century, viticulture experienced an exponential development in the hands of Italian and French immigrants, and so did Malbec, which adapted quickly to the varied terroirs offered by our geography and developed even better than in its original land. In this way, over the course of time and after much hard work, Malbec came to be Argentina’s flagship variety.

The efforts made by Pouget and Sarmiento for the Quinta Normal of Mendoza played a key role in that process. To Wines of Argentina, April 17th not only represents the transformation of Argentina’s wine industry, but it is also the starting point for the development of Malbec as the iconic variety and international flagship of Argentina’s viticulture.