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WofA continues to strengthen the image of Argentine Wine in China

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Argentina’s Constant Quality Improvement Surprises David Furer

Wine of Argentina invited David Furer, the American journalist and wine educator, to visit our country.

Wine of Argentina invited David Furer, the American journalist and wine educator, to visit our country.

In the course of his stay, the renowned author and wine columnist visited Buenos Aires, where he tasted wines from wineries in the Southern region (Bodega del Desierto, NQN, Humberto Canale, Valle de la Puerta and Familia Shroeder). He also toured wineries in the Northern region (Colomé, Las Arcas, Michel Torino and El Porvenir de Los Andes) and in the center of the country (Belasco de Baquedano, CAP Vistalba, Mendel Wines, Clos de Chacras, Doña Paula, Catena Zapata, Achaval Ferrer, Krontiras, Familia Zuccardi, Trapiche, Trivento and Pascual Toso). In addition, he dined with company representatives on a number of occasions, and tasted wines by Clos de los Siete, Salentein, Corvus, Baggio RPB and Viñas Don Martin.

On his first trip to Argentina and South America, Furer suggested that, in order to avoid potential crises, the Argentine wine industry should continue to tune up the well-oiled machine it has become, focusing on climate and grape-growing regions as well as on white wines and infrastructure conditions to provide smaller agents with an opportunity to get into the market.

In the course of time, Furer has gained wide experience in tasting Argentine wines, both in the US and the UK and so he knows about their quality. However, the steady advance in quality has greatly impressed him: regarding Malbec, he asserted that it is the right “red flag” for Argentina to wave. “What the country needs now is a white one,” he continued.

Furer said that wineries are doing a good job, especially as regards sustainability, natural crop methods and efficiency standards. Yet, he suggested that “harder work and more attention should be devoted to whites in colder regions.”
David Furer thinks that Malbec is a “great value” when the environment and grapes are preserved (by minimizing the use of chemicals, oak and manipulation).

Finally, aside from Argentine wines, Furer took the chance to taste another product that he enjoyed: olive oil. “I was favorably impressed by the quality of Argentine olive oils.” He did not know about the growing olive oil industry including varieties and blends, or about its high level and value.

David Furer has a background of remarkable achievements. He is a Certified Wine Educator by the Society of Wine Educators, an Advanced Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers and a Certified Sherry Educator. He has authored the following publications: WINE PLACES--Mitchell Beazley, 2005; WINE REPORT 2005-2009--Dorling Kindersley, Luxembourg Chapters; HUGH JOHNSON'S POCKET WINE BOOK--Mitchell Beazley, Sherry/Port Chapter; WHICH? WINE GUIDE--Which? Publications, E. Europe/E. Mediterranean Chapters; OPUS VINO (US) / THE WINE OPUS (UK)--Dorling Kindersley, Benelux/Croatia/Georgia/Hungary/Romania chapters, due Oct. 2010. He is also a contributing editor for: SANTE (US) and SOMMELIER JOURNAL (US). He writes columns for the VIRGINIA WINE GAZETTE (US), is an instructor at the PROFESSIONAL CULINARY INSTITUTE (US) and an executive member of both the Circle of Wine Writers and the FIJEV.