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Argentine Treasures

Argentine Treasures es la nueva aplicación para Smartphone y Facebook de Wines of Argentina.

Its aim is to build a strong bond between Argentine wine and culture, promoting the country’s diverse winemaking regions and turning wine consumption into an innovative, enriching cultural experience.

It intends to turn wine, one of our national treasures, into an ambassador of other national treasures. This application invites users to enter the identification code of their bottle of Argentine wine to unblock a treasure that may be associated to one of Argentina’s wine regions: the North, Cuyo or Patagonia.

It allows users to discover more than 70 treasures, among which stand out materials specially designed for WofA by great icons of our culture, like artist Marta Minujín, chef Narda Lepes, cartoonist Ricardo Siri “Liniers” and photographer Marcos López, among others. The list includes renowned illustrators, film directors, musicians and avant-garde artistic figures.

To explore this application click here:  Argentine Treasures


How does AT work?

Enter the INV code (for example, INVS 72007) printed on your bottle into the application. This will uncover an Argentine Treasure.


1° Enter the INV code printed on your bottle.
2° Click to unblock.
3° Confirmation that the treasure has been unblocked will appear.
4° A pop-up screen will announce that you may keep on uncovering more treasures.
5° Next, you will see the region that appears when you unblock each treasure. That is the region the wine comes from.
6° You will be able to see your accumulated treasures at the My Treasures section.